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Trimester of Pregnancy – The First Step Towards Parenting!

Trimester of Pregnancy – The First Step Towards Parenting!
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Trimester of pregnancy  – Life is a vehicle which needs to be supported by joint ventures of two human- beings. It moves smoothly with the planning system, thought process and speed limits. Love, being the fuel. Pregnant in simple terms means: to carry, to develop and produce a new offspring from your body. Pregnancy is the start of an incredible journey.
The “ three” lines in the bar, change your life and no doubt your body. It’s not only physical change a body faces but also emotional. Hormonal changes lead to unexpected transitions. Its a gestation period of forty weeks; which is calculated from the last “ menstrual period”.

The menstrual cycle plays an important role for a female. If it is regular without complications, it is easier to conceive. It forms as a cushion for the fetus or embryo which is developing inside.
Gestation can be divided into three trimesters. Each trimester divided into three months. The first trimester from week one to twelve weeks; includes the growth of fetus or embryo inside the uterus with the formation of “placenta”. A placenta is a cord which carries the food, nutrition and oxygen for the new – being.
Trimester of Pregnancy
Pregnancy – The most important step towards Parenting!

This is the trimester where possibilities of miscarriages are the highest if only proper care not taken.
Prenatal care can definitely improve pregnancy. Emotional changes and cravings or food pangs are very prominent.

One is not definite what to eat or drink. It changes accordingly.
In the second trimester, the embryo takes the shape of a human. It starts moving inside; a life has come. It’s the best pain and pleasure a person can feel and enjoy. This is “pregnancy”.

Prenatal care means assistance given during the term of gestation. It includes food, nutrition and medical care. Food-nutrition includes not only for pre but also for post-term. As the mother has to look after the baby and the “feed – demands”.
Light exercises also help. Regular medical check-ups are very important.
The Third Trimester which includes patience, endurance and apprehensions give the pleasure; the fruit of pain.

When the long-awaited surprise is in your arms, you forget the pain and sleepless nights. The smile on the face is accompanied by the tears of happiness.

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“The moment a baby is born So a mother is, A woman existed But with great responsibilities comes great power.”