Using Cloth Diapers

I have been asked a lot of questions about parenting. But seldom have I come across parents who already know about Cloth Diapers.

Cloth Diapers is not at all a new concept. Especially in India, generations of parents have used old soft cotton sarees as diapers. Cloth Diaper is a modernized version of the same which is very easy to wear and remove. In fact so easy that even new Fathers can easily change the diapers of the Baby.

Out of the many decisions you make since the arrival of your baby, using Cloth Diapers can be one of the easiest to make. I was unaware of Cloth Diapers until a very close friend introduced me to it. I took her guidance for ordering them online and watching videos on how to use them. Trust me, but ordering them online wasn’t an easy task considering the infinite brands available in the market. I am sure it was the best decision I took once I got my hands on them and started using them.

I did a detailed study on the benefits and drawbacks of using Cloth diapers (versus the regular disposable ones). Disposable diapers, though very easy to use and discard, undergo a lot of chemical treatment during manufacture which can be irritating to a baby’s sensitive skin. Also, they take a lot of time to break down once disposed of in the environment.

Comparatively, Cloth diapers are skin friendly as the material used is natural cotton. Also, they are environment-friendly as they can be re-used. They can be a bit tricky to wash when the baby gets older and starts eating solid food.

Cloth diapers may seem to be costly initially, but they are definitely cheaper in the long run. The durability is such that they can be passed on to their siblings as well. Generally all the Cloth Diapers are of an open size, which means that it does not need to be replaced as the baby grows. The vibrant colours and patterns available are a delight to choose from.
A very big question for the parents about toddlers is how to Toilet Train them. Cloth diapers have an added advantage here with the children themselves informing and are also self-trained in some cases.

I think using Cloth Diapers is one of the best decisions I have made and can safely vouch for them. I would definitely recommend them to all the new parents to consider them as an alternative to Disposable Diapers.

Komal Divekar
Komal Divekar
Hi , I am Komal , wife of a Sailor and Mommie to a beautiful Toddler.. Main interests lie in teaching kids and have worked as Centre head in preschools before . Lover for arty things , a complete food lover and enthusiast in learning new things. I am here to help fellow mommies with simple tips on child development to reach their milestones and early child education. Enjoy reading.


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