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How To Test Pregnancy in 3 Easiest Ways At Home?

How To Test Pregnancy in 3 Easiest Ways At Home?

How To Test Pregnancy? – There is no dearth of pregnancy test solutions in the market, and in today’s times, you have a plenty of options that are reliable and quick to give you instant results without running for gynecologists. But, there are some sure shot ways that can help in figuring out if you are pregnant or not in the case of unavailability of any scientific method.

Such methods are pretty useful and hassle-free. They might be really helpful for the women who are a bit hesitant, unequipped or uncomfortable in using those kits. There are early signs or symptoms apart from the most common one which is ‘missed periods that you must keep an eye for.

Symptoms such as sore breast, fatigue, lower backache, nausea and headaches might begin to occur much frequently as early as two weeks of conception.
Here is the simple answer to the question – How to test pregnancy in 3 easiest ways At home without heading to fetch any pregnancy kit.

How to test Pregnancy
                                       How To Test Pregnancy?

Missed Periods: Missed periods might be pretty confusing, but still it is the first and foremost signs of pregnancy. Though, there might be other reasons as well. Such as sudden weight gain/ loss, unregulated consumption of contraceptives, overexertion/ stress and other disorders. Drops of blood after a couple of weeks of your last period might indicate implantation bleeding. It is often harmless.

Spotting is a natural phenomenon that might occur when the embryo implants itself to the uterus wall. But still, it is not the only symptom that is enough to be certain of. Any pain or discomfort signals a visit or a two to the gynaecologist.

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Nausea: 3 weeks before conception results in nausea. Morning sickness is a common name for it. It signifies that your body is ready for pregnancy, and it also indicates the ‘rise’ in hormonal levels.

How to test Pregnancy?
                                                               How to test Pregnancy?

Backache: If your lower back pain refuses to go and it aches just the way it does during or before your monthly cycle, then take it as a positive sign. Pregnancy back pain occurs around the sacroiliac joint and could occur due to weight imbalances, postural changes, hormonal changes/imbalances and stress. Light prenatal yoga, meditation can be really helpful to ease the pain.

These are some of the most common symptoms. If they continue to persist over a week then you can be certain of pregnancy. And for more certainty, visiting a gynaecologist will help a great deal.

Here, I am enlisting some useful pregnancy test methods that are very reliable. They include the usage of the pregnancy test kit.

Home pregnancy tests cannot be conducted without detecting the (HCG) Human Chorionic Gonadotropin in your urine. This hormone releases 6 days after fertilization and continues to double every two to 3 days. Enough HCG production is must to yield a positive result. Conduct a pregnancy test post a week of your missing period. Read the instructions on the kit carefully. 

The expiry date and the packaging should be properly checked. So that if it is found deteriorated, it can be replaced immediately. Take the first urine after waking up for best results, wait for at least 10 minutes. Also, be wary of assuming that you’re not really pregnant with one negative result. The HCG hormone production differs for every woman and with each pregnancy. At least consider waiting for 10 days after a missed period to conduct pregnancy test, and in case of any persisting complication, consider visiting your health expert.

Have a Safe and Happy Pregnancy!

How to test Pregnancy
                                                                       How to test Pregnancy?