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How to Keep a Check on Your Pregnancy Cravings

How to Keep a Check on Your Pregnancy Cravings

Pregnancy Cravings Sometimes are too Overwhelming.

“If you don’t keep a check on these cravings, then you might end up succumbing to the irresistible temptations. For a pregnant woman, it’s too hard to put an eye on what to eat and in what quantities one should eat.”

You don’t get to realize when you have overeaten, under eaten and it only leads to create a lot of problems in your digestive system. Sometimes it become that troublesome that you have to rush quickly to the doctor. Sometimes there is no best way to control and keep an eye on pregnancy cravings other than eating highly nutritious diet, which will ensure that your needs for nutrition are met too.
There are certain ways that every pregnant woman can control her pregnancy cravings rather than letting those cravings overpower their senses. We have curated here for you some of the best ways that you can definitely try to keep your nutrition requirements intact and  when you feel like your pregnancy cravings are getting the best of you. Let these totally satisfying and nutritious swaps help you to stay fit, happy and satiated.

Craving for a Pint of Ice Cream?

Your excessive and irresistible cravings to dig into the pint of ice cream suggests that your body might be wanting some fats. It’s better to switch to yogurt made from sheep’s milk or cow’s milk. Coconut, blackberry, mango and strawberry yogurt can be tried too. It’s better to prefer sheep milk since for a pregnant woman, it helps a great deal in keeping her digestion woes aside. It is more digestible than cow’s milk which is good for the gut. Chia pudding is another super delicious, yummy delicacy loaded with healthy fats that might just hit the spot and helps in combating constipation too which is a common problem that women go through during pregnancy.

pregnancy cravings
Craving for a Pint of Ice Cream?

A Warm Cup of Coffee?

Craving for coffee is too hard to ignore. Especially if you are a caffeinated soul then there is nothing you can do to resist the bouts of savoring mugs at least 4-5 times during a day. Cravings for coffee can be heightened during pregnancy and you can’t really help but to succumb to the temptations but such intakes of caffeine during pregnancy is not really healthy. You can try bone broth instead. It’s as warm and comforting as coffee which makes it a perfect morning beverage. It is high in gut healing collagen and minerals too. Customize it with your own flavors, spices and ingredients, be creative and read cookbooks for endless ideas.

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French Fries: When Fries Make You go, Cray,

French fries are too hard to resist. You can though have a healthy and better option in the form of McCain baked, sweet potato fries and smileys. Home cooked fries are always the best. You can vouch for them too. Cut your sweet potatoes into sticks, toss it with coconut oil, sprinkle on Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. These salts are full of important trace minerals that you and your baby always need.

pregnancy cravings
When Fries Make You go, Cray,

A Big Bag of Sour Candies

You know how difficult it is to control the cravings to eat something ‘khatta’. So, you can try berries. Reach for something fresh, organic berries, which are low in sugar than most other fruits. Pour them into a pretty candy bowl or mix with a custard and savour one at a time.

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Try to replace deep fried stuff with avocados. You can prepare super yummy avocado chat by adding a handful to salad, tacos and add to its flavours by squeezing on some lemon juice and sprinkle with high-quality salts and eat.

Also, try some healthy recipes that are too delicious to savour throughout the day and also take a really good care of your taste buds. Options like coconut laddoos, strawberry shakes, chocolate shake, strawberry and kiwi infused water, fruit yoghurt parfait are really good options to be savoured. And yes, super healthy too.

check on your pregnancy cravings
Pour them into a pretty candy bowl or mix with a custard and savour one at a time

Tips That Every ‘Mom to be’ Must Swear by:

• Try to avoid certain food items completely since such food items might be infected with contaminants and their consumption can turn out to be really harmful both for expecting the mother and the growing foetus. Some of these food items are raw meats, which actually serve as the potential breeding ground for many unhealthy viruses and parasites. Similarly, raw eggs should be better avoided too.
• Mayonnaise and hollandaise sauce, which may not always be made from pasteurised eggs.
• Seafood is good to be avoided. Raw shellfish as it can cause infection. And consumption of other fish products too. Since such fishes contain highest levels of mercury which might be really harmful.
Alcohol and smoking. It’s good to put your liquor bottle away if you can’t resist it. Replace the same with some healthy fruit punches and flavoured water.
• Aerated drinks. Best when avoided.
• Too much gassy food. It might raise your cholesterol levels.
• Too rich and spicy food. Prefer to have a diet enriched with vitamins and prefer to include multivitamin capsules in your diet.

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Pregnancy is not about curbing your desires and trying too hard to resist temptations. Rather, it’s more about how do you maintain the balance between your nutritional needs and desire to relish and revel in the flavours. you don’t need to go for too bland and insipid diet, it might literally kill your willingness to eat anything. so, try to turn your pregnancy into a fun and tasteful experience of your life.”

pregnancy cravings
Healthy fruits During pregnancy