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Rainbow Baby and Mother’s Health after Losing a Pregnancy

Rainbow Baby and Mother’s Health after Losing a Pregnancy

“It Takes Both the Sunshine and Rain to Make a Rainbow.”

It becomes mentally draining and tormenting for mothers when they undergo an unexpected miscarriage or stillbirth, it seems like all hope is lost. Not just mentally, but physically too, it becomes traumatizing for a mother. But, then there comes the time when a mother gets pregnant soon after that gruesome phase gets over and ends up a healthy delivering infant this time. Though, the grief of losing a baby is not that easy to be tackled. The pain of miscarriage also adds to the pain and greatly affects the health of the mother. The baby born after the pain of miscarriage not only revives hope in the parents, but it also feels like an emergence of a rainbow at the end of a ghastly storm.

A baby born after such a pregnancy loss is known as a rainbow baby. These babies are born shortly after a miscarriage and as rainbow represents immense happiness and the beauty of rains, so such a baby. A rainbow baby is best described as the present of rains. A baby that passed away too without tasting the bliss of life is enough to leave the parents devastated. But, the ray of hope is brought back by the rainbow baby.

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Formation of something as awe-inspiring as a rainbow requires a lot of endurance so is the rainbow baby. The inner strength and power of a mother get tested a lot when she takes a courage to bear a rainbow child. It is immensely important for the whole family to stand beside her during such times and offer her emotional comfort and solicitude. Nothing is more important than healing and nursing her wounds, both the physical and psychological. The mother is in an extremely vulnerable state during pregnancy that comes just after the miscarriage that might be really stressful for her overall health and wellness. So, here is all enlisted below that can be done to offer her the best care and comfort during that phase.

  • Help the pregnant woman to embrace this change which might be really cumbersome for her. Help to heal her wounds first.
  • For welcoming a rainbow baby, make sure that the whole room is brimming with effusion of colours. Decorate the whole space with colourful, glittery balloons and keep the theme ‘rainbow’ for all the guests. So, that they all come dressed in the most beautiful colours of a rainbow.
  • A picture of the baby bump all coloured in the rainbow can be clicked and shared as an invite for the welcome bash of the rainbow infant to all the guests. It will just make them all swoon in delight.

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Try looking for your lost baby in the newborn and shower the one with all the love and effusion this world can offer. Celebrate every bit of his existence and see your world bloom like a divine orchard.