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Best baby Products for Adults’ Skin That You Must Have

Best baby Products for Adults’ Skin That You Must Have
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Baby products does wonders to us. When the waft of soft and absolutely delicious scent of Johnson’s Baby talc, wipes and body lotion hits your nostrils, it teleports your senses to a different land which is more or less an orchard of freshly picked blossoms of lilies and crushed aromatic strawberries.
Mouth Started Watering Already?

There is something so enchanting about baby products that leave you craving for the luscious scent of babies even when they aren’t around. Your cuddly sugar pie looks super yummy when these products are slathered all over their skin, and I can bet that scent is absolutely spellbinding and irresistible.

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Sometimes your teen kids at home wonder that by gazing at their younger siblings or newly born infants if they can too use these amazing products. If colour pink had any fragrance, it would be that only. Forget about teenagers, even I as an adult have an unmistakable and inexplicable enchantment towards these products and some of them, I have included in my skincare regime too, for the simplest reasons, there is nothing as pure, divine and invigoratingly refreshing as the fragrance of baby products. And, I am sure, many of you while reading it must be agreeing with me on this wholeheartedly.

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Babies are the purest, and this is why they are the cutest and naturally beautiful. So, are their brands and products. So, here in this blog, I am going to acquaint you with some of the most amazing baby products that even mommys and daddys can use too, since these products are not just good for your apple pie’s smooth skin, but it can also add to the lustre, delicious smoothness and silken texture to your skin.

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Best Baby products for adults
Newborn babies have skin that is quite tender and sensitive, and needs extra care and protection

Johnson’s baby lotion: The one product that tops this list is none other than baby lotion by Johnson’s. When it comes about catering to all the quintessential needs related to baby’s wellness, there is no brand that can replace Johnson’s. For their quality products, this is the most trusted brand, winning over the hearts of the people since decades.
Why it’s The Best for the Adults’ Skin too?
It’s rich and has natural skin softener which can make anyone go aww. It’s thick and equally nourishing for the skin of adults. You can seriously skip using any expensive shower gels and bodywash or body butters. Baby lotion’s lingering fragrance will stay on your body for hours. It will leave you absolutely mesmerized with yourself and the scent your body exudes for hours. This is a must have baby product.

Johnson’s baby powder: Well, here we go again. We don’t need to discuss reasons to be in awe of something so natural and lovely as this talc. Hey, you lovely ladies, “do you have this tendency to splurge hundreds? Only to find the most suitable after compact/foundation setting powder?” All of us love this baby product. Right?
“Do you consider applying layers of CC and BB crème on your face to add to your natural sheen and lustre?”
Well, I have a secret for you. You don’t need to run after whole range of face and setting powders to maintain the innocence and childlike plump of your skin. Just brush off little amount of this talc and here you go. This is all you need to keep your skin moist and naturally refreshing throughout the day. It’s an all seasons formula. Voila..!

Best baby products skin care
baby products- Dab diaper cream or put warm water from a squirt bottle on Baby’s bottom; gently pat dry

Extra Tip:
During Halloweens, use it on your dark brown and black hair palette to create that grey patina and keep this in mind for spooky October. 😛
Thank me later, lovely ladies! 😛
California Baby calming cream: How can we leave our daddy dearest behind? So, I have something in my kitty for them too. So, this cream can also be called a tub of awesomeness. Well, it works as a great after shaving soothing serum. Even girls can apply too, a generous amount on their legs after shaving them to keep them clean and glowing. It’s not just about your face na, holistic wellness and absolute skincare should be our goal.

 Best baby products
Wash your face twice a day with a salicylic acid cleanser to help dissolve dirt and oil and gently exfoliate the skin

Johnson’s baby wash, mild honey and apple: It’s an amazing solution to keep your elbows clean and crisply scented. If you’re not really fond of moisturizers and creams then this gentle cleanser can be a good alternative. The skins of our elbows are most neglected, and they tend to get darker due to that neglect. Also, your knees suffer through the same neglect. It’s better to clean your feet toes with the help of this cleanser which has supremely awesome honey and apple extracts to take care of your neglected areas especially knees and elbows. Plus, its scent is long lasting which is an added advantage. Keep smelling wowsome all day long. Yes, it’s essential to smell good and fresh.

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Ambassador baby hairbrush: These are super soft brushes which acts as a great massager for your facial hair too. You can get the one from amazon.

Best Baby products for adults’ skincare
No one is too oily to use body oily, not even me, queen of oily skin. A Petroleum-Free Moisturizer

Get your hands on these haul of products to keep your skin mild and attractive.