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Best and Ideal Beauty Products For Teens To Meet Their Skin Related Needs

Best and Ideal Beauty Products For Teens To Meet Their Skin Related Needs

“Is your kid irresistibly drawn to the luscious skin care products you treat your skin with on regular basis?”
No matter how many times you try to keep your kids away from the pull of these products but still their mesmerising aroma is too good to ignore and they want to try each and every beauty that you pamper your skin routine with.

we all girls would be lying if we say that during our early childhood days, most of us had that special penchant for those lusciously smelling, heavenly products that our mother would apply and this also used to be one of the biggest temptations to get into adulthood so that we can have our own exquisite collection of the products we were only allowed to gaze at an arm’s length. Though, these are just memories but now we have plenty of such products markets are abound with, the ones we could only lust for back then.


Today brands and companies are exclusively coming up with such teen related products that are really good to be used and ideally cater to the needs and desires of an average teenage skin or body. I remember the quintessential problem that I had suffered a great deal during my childhood days was skin explosion. Sometimes the problem would exacerbate to the extent that my skin would feel like a warzone with dark patches, scabs and pimples all around. This is generally the most common problem every teenage be it a boy or a girl goes through during that age of verging puberty. I’m sure, many of the girls reading this paragraph must be screaming “me too” the loudest in their hearts. Hair thinning is also one of the most common issues of all times every teenage tends to witness at least once.

the rampant pollution levels are only contributing to this puberty menace that can make us sit and crib about for hours with our closest human diaries.
So, here we are providing a curated list of some of the most amazing and ideal products that every teenage bag should be made home of.
These pretty, little things are super affordable and if used well can do wonders for your skin and hair.

Multani mitti: this is a wonder product that can magically transform your skin making it soft, smooth and gorgeously radiant. There are branded multani mitti packs are available in the market that you can vouch for. Though, the more natural the powder, the more effective and lasting its results will be. Applying a thick paste evenly on your skin and hair 15 minutes before heading for shower and washing it thoroughly followed by a good face wash, whichever suits your skin type the most gives you a crystal clear skin and pimples or dark patches begin to vanish as quickly as they appear. For hair too, this magical and absolutely soothing product calms your nerves down, clears your scalp and make your hair shiny with just a single time usage per week. Isn’t it awesome?
It is really good. Trust me! Just give it a try and thank me here in the comment box.
Navratna Almond cool hair oil: the soothing, soft and mesmerising fragrance of jasmines blended with almond care Is a perfect soulmate for your hair especially in this scorching heat. Especially Delhi feels like a furnace, hence adding this beauty in the pouch of your haircare essentials is good to keep your locks beautifully lustrous and voluminous throughout the seasons. Especially the aroma oils in this mixture are heavenly, instantly calming and soothing to your scalp, cooling it down without stripping of the extra oils, keeping your tresses healthy and gorgeous.
The body shop tea tree cleanser: hormones wreak havoc on the skin of teens. Hence, it is essential to put aside all the grime and skin related woes at bay. And the mellow properties of tea tree acts like a wonder potion for a skin wretched due to the unpleasant impact of our hormonal imbalances. It is one of the most recommended facial cleansers for teens. Free from parabens and synthetic chemicals, it is a well known ingredient to remove the traces of shine and dullness from the skin, keeping its healthy, youthful radiance intact.
Khadi shikakai and honey shampoo: this is a perfectly mild shampoo, best suited to meet the daily requirements of teenage hair, exposed to dirt, excessive exposure to sunlight, dust and pollution. During puberty phase, many teenagers goes through array of issues, the most common of them all is hair thinning in girls and greasiness. This shampoo perfectly aids these problems. It is free from SLS and parabens and too good to be used on daily basis since it cleanses the scalp naturally without over drying your hair and keeping the glossiness intact throughout. Apart from that lemon drops as a last rinse and nyle shampoo is really good for normal to dry hair keeping your tresses enriched with natural keratin.

These above listed products can be ideally used for almost every skin type and hair and these tips and tricks that can be used alongside to enhance the natural sheen and texture and keeping puberty woes at bay a great deal. Keep this in mind that the more natural, the best and almost zero side effects. So, treat your skin like a temple always and choose the best product as per your affordability criteria. The results will be mind blowing and now teenage girls, you have so many options so don’t hesitate and start pampering yourself now only.
As they say, none age is the right age!