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Best YouTube channels for kids of all ages

Best YouTube channels for kids of all ages

We live in a digital age. To put it more aptly, it is the age of YouTube. From DIYs and cooking tutorials to movie and music videos, everything is out there on the world YouTube. It has become a default in most people to turn to YouTube for any kind of video, be it educational, instructional, inspirational or just plain funny. It is a platform where people start their entertainment businesses as well. YouTube has turned into a hub of short films, individual music videos and teaching videos.

When everything is readily available on YouTube, then how can videos pertaining to kids stay behind. It is a space full of videos that your kids would absolutely love and would actually learn from. However, when there is too much of something, it is better to pick the best ones for your kid and filter out the ones that aren’t that reliable or good.

Here are some YouTube channels listed for kids of all ages from which you can pick one!

For Toddlers:

  • KidsTV123: It’s a channel of songs. These songs are basic educational ones or soothing ones that your toddler will enjoy. He or she can even fall asleep to some of them (we all know how important that is). These songs are in English and will help to familiarise your kid with the English language from an early age.
    Their playlist has songs about colours and the alphabet and the Happy Birthday song.

  • Sesame Street: This is one of the most famous channels for kids on YouTube. The most legendary cartoons of the western world, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, Bert & Ernie, Telly, Zoe, Rosita, Baby Bear and Snuffleupagus, all come together on this channel with songs and stories. It is a production of Sesame workshop which is a non-profit organisation focusing on the education of young minds.

For Pre-schoolers

  • Nerdy Nummies: These are a series of fun videos by YouTuber Rosanna Pansino. They are super engaging videos on recent animated films or of easy DIYs. It has yummy recipe videos of geeky cakes and also videos on games and gaming that your little one will rave about.
  • Kitties Mama: Looking for DIY doll dress cakes or a video on fast foods etcetera? Then Kitties Mama is the perfect channel to go to. It is a colourful and entertaining channel that even has cooking and DIY challenges for your young pre-schooler.

For school-going kids and teenagers

  • The Brain Scoop is a channel by Emily Graslie from The Field Museum in Chicago. It is purely an educational channel with creative content and great visuals. It has videos on different adventures and wildlife primarily.

  • TedEd is one of the most famous educational channels on YouTube which can be very beneficial for your school-going kid. This channel has beautifully animated and educative videos on many topics. They have collaborations with renowned and talented educators and animators or graphic designers that make this channel visually appealing and very interesting. It has videos like ‘Maths of the Impossible’, ‘Myths from around the World’ and ‘Can you solve this Riddle.’ Frequent viewing the videos of this channel will ensure your kid to be more aware of the world and also give them a holistic education through unconventional and more entertaining methods.

Some unconventional channels your kid should definitely view

  • Cartooning 4 Kids| How to Draw is one amazing and aesthetically pleasing channel that has tutorials regarding drawing. It has appealing videos of simple drawings that will help your child’s creative mind in developing further and reaching its full potential. This channel can be entertaining for you as well if you are interested in art and crafts.
  • Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is a very different YouTube channel that your kids must view. It focuses on inspiring the young mind to grow into their authentic selves. The videos are funny, informative. They encourage imagination and intelligence. The videos about strong and intelligent women across the world act as inspiration for young girls. “We celebrate curiosity over gossip” is the description of this channel.

Watch these videos and start learning!