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Best Books on Fathers that Teach you to Celebrate Fatherhood

Best Books on Fathers that Teach you to Celebrate Fatherhood


We must have read plenty of books so far on motherhood and celebrating the grandeur and existence of motherhood. We come across a certain section of society which advocates that we don’t need to dedicate a specific day for the celebration of the existence of mothers and fathers since it serves no justice to the role they play in making and building our lives. The significance of fathers in child’s life is irreplaceable and it is as important as mothers. The world of literature has produced many beauteous forms rejoicing fatherhood between the pages. The compelling narrative of these gems will enable you to not just understand your father’s perspective in a better light but the insightful fatherly characters in those books gives life defining lessons on parenting. Some of the portrayal of dads are incredibly old but they still hold immense relevance in today’s world and modern times.

These are the humdinger of books that I am enlisting here, the best works ever produced by literature that throws light upon the immutable qualities of our fathers that often goes neglected and suffers the lack of attention. Every page of these gems has something unspoken hidden between the pages that tries to talk to you aloud through the pages that reek more silences than words. But to under stand your fathers, you need to be well versed in the language of silences and these books will equip you with the quintessential art of understanding and expressing gratitude to your fathers for the innumerable sacrifices he continues to make without expecting anything in return, not even a thankyou. They don’t say for nothing, that being a dad is the most underrated job.

To kill a mocking bird: Atticus Finch cuts a distinctly modern profile. The gentle kindness and wisdom he bestows his kids with is simply remarkable. He plays a wonderful role as a single parent (with, admittedly, a ton of help from Calpurnia), he ends up teaching his daughter, scout, good lessons about human nature. His weird decline is elaborately discussed throughout Go and set a watchman.

The underwater welder: this much loved graphic novel was published in the year 2012 but it has a tinge of nostalgia. The plot revolves around a father to be and his haunting from a father that was. It is a perfect pack of expectancy, fear and mystery of impending doom in a tiny package that is part ghost story and part marine expeditions or adventures.
Les miserables: Jean Valjean is not an actual father but he takes the responsibility of fatherhood under his wings to provide the love and nourishment of a father to Cossette, very seriously. He is quite fugitive in nature, who relentlessly abides by the law. But despite being the one, he appears to be deeply moralistic father that harbours immense pride on himself and on his honesty and integrity are the principles that he strictly abides by. He epitomizes all those fathers who aren’t biologically related to their children but never hesitate to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly and entirely into the job regardless.
Pride and prejudice: Elizabeth bennet’s dad is a piece of art. He married too young and he did have regrets about the same that why he got married that early. All his regrets turned him into an extremely sarcastic person, who tries to hide behind his regrets through his daily dose of sarcasm. He gets his kicks from tearing down his wife, but that does little for his daughters. He is a perfectly personified image to represent sarcastic fatherhood and he is very good at it.
The adventures of Huckleberry finn: Huck is forged by two men: Pap finn, he is a condescending, snarling, vicious drunk whose propensity for violence is the impetus for the boy’s plan to light out for other territories. Another character Jim is the antithesis of Pap: kind, protective, patient. He armours Huck with a lifelong skillset and defends him from the sharp blows of the world, proving that a boy, no matter how strong, capable and mighty he shows himself to be always needs a father figure.

Rocking fatherhood: the dad to be’s guide to staying cool, some dads seem to relish all those parts of parenthood that don’t directly involve keeping their kids from killing themselves; it’s a week to week guide to pregnancy and beyond, focusing on all the modern ways parenting is evolving and changing, and encouraging dads to be to keep their cool, in both senses of the word.
Fatherhood is not as simple as it appears, the complexity of fatherhood can be simplified though with the help of these literary gems. Dive into the pool of these books and all the wisdom that your father oozes out on you on daily basis will begin to make more sense.

Lets keep yourself booked for dads this father’s day..!!