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Review: Gluten-free products

Review: Gluten-free products

Years of experimenting and trying my hands on every gluten-free product I can give to my allergic son, I have these few as my favourites.

These food items are always available in my kitchen to make the best gluten-free food for him.

  • Gluten gold chappati flour:

The toughest is to make gluten-free chapatti, and after so many trials, I found this Dr. Gluten Gold Flour, the best of all. It is made with moong dal, brown rice, soybean, sabudana. The chapattis come out to be soft and tasty. My go-to for making our delicious everyday Chapatti.

Tip: Just add a little more water/ milk to make the dough easy to work with.

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  • Orgran vanilla cake mix:

I love baking but gluten-free baking was so very hard, as every time I tried, the cake was dry and crumpy. So now I use this Vanilla flavoured orgran cake mix and it’s definitely my favourite now. It has great consistency and great taste. Now the GF cakes are the choice of everyone at home. It’s healthy for my son and the rest of the family too.

Tip: Add a little of homemade cream (malai) to the cake mix to make it softer.

  • Orgran pizza and pastry multi mix:

After hundreds of trial of making Bhaturas, pizza base, samosas, ghujias, I found no other maida substitute better than this. It is very versatile for baking and has a great flavour. After kneading the texture is the same as that of maida(refined wheat flour), and every recipe becomes so easy to make and tastes the best. I’m a fan for sure!

Tip: while kneading add some refined flour to get the right texture to work with.

  • Peacock basmati rice spaghetti:

Every time I made pasta or spaghetti for my son, it was either too hard or too soft. But this Peacock rice Spaghetti is easy to cook and tastes the best with my homemade white sauce.

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  • Wheafree:

The most trusted name for its gluten-free products, its bread, garlic loaf, chocolate balls, vegetable sandwiches are the best, though the pizza did not get on my son’s tongue. We go for eggless bread, its great for breakfast recipes and bread pizza comes out to be very delicious.

  • Gullon gluten-free chip choco and cookies:

Anmolpreet, Wheafree, Be well, all have the widest range of gluten-free cookies. Gullon chip choco and cookies are the two which he has developed taste for.

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  • Soulfull vanilla fills ragi bites:

Soulfull Ragi Bites come in typical breakfast cereal that is crunchy and flavorful. He enjoys them as a perfect snack for his munch time in his school.