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Timeless Comics Of All Times That Your Growing Nerd Must Have

Timeless Comics Of All Times That Your Growing Nerd Must Have

“Is your child besotted with graffiti art, visuals and pictorial art forms?”

“Is your child absolutely incredible at weaving stories into his/her regular childplay?”

“Is your child a natural day dreamer, an inquisitive thinker and crazy Fantasyland wizard?”


If answers of all the questions strike you and you are vigourously nodding your head in YES then I would love to meet your amazing kiddo. He/she is my kindred spirit, my childhood version and my adult version too. Let your kid breath and walk in clouds and do his/her happy dance all lost in his Fantasyland. I have a curated list of some amazing comics that every child must have stacked in their shelves to remain more addicted to their world of pretty dreams, graffiti and doodles. Who knows if a quintessential doodle artist is waiting to be discovered in your treasure trove of talents.

There is no wonderful thing better than a child learning to read, write and drawing artscapes on walls. It’s amusing and worthy to be cherished for years down the line. For The crucial stage of early reading, it’s not really easy to find the comics worthy to be relished by your darling kiddos. The appropriate range of choices is pretty hard to find so here we have enlisted some of the timeless comics, the charm of flipping through their pages never goes out of fashion. So, pick up a comic and enter into the world of craft and fiction all blended into one. This learning experience will turn your child hell of a reader, dreamer, believer or perhaps an Artist.


•owly : For the early readers trying to gain familiarity with the nuances of written words and world of visuals and how does it functions, then this pick won’t let your reading wizard down. He will keep himself engrossed for hours without budging you. Don’t let words fool you but let the pictures talk to you. Remember it’s always easy to understand with the help of visuals, this is why in preparatory schools we are taught more through pictures since pictures enable us to understand words and create pictures in our mind that enable us to memorize their names. This comic does the same thing. These cute, award winning comics are wordless and makes an eclectic use of word balloons that contain pictures instead of words. This serves a great way of getting new readers into the flow of reading without stressing them over word recognition.

•Tiny titans: the storytelling in these comics relies a great deal upon visual crafts. Hence, making the word count pretty low and non Intimidating. The stories, most of them centered upon DC comics characters (primarily associated with the teen titans like Robin, Cyborg, beast boy and Aqualad). Though your kid must have some sort of familiarity with the pop culture and DC marvels. Only such kids will be able to get through such a comics.

•Fairy tales comics: who wants to come out of the fairyland? The world around you is always a little better when your head is buried in the book smeared in pixie dust and your heart sliding through the rainbow coloured clouds. Though the content of the stories is pretty relatable and recognisable easily yet understanding level has to be a little bit advanced for a kid to pick up. But if your kid is really into such stuff then understanding will be developed within no time.

•scooby doo team up: it’s the oldest and the most favourite comics of all times. Each month scooby dooby gang meets up his tribe of DC marvel comics superheroes and they have some exciting adventures and expeditions together. Parents reading along will appreciate writer’s flimsy inside jokes too in relation to these old shows. These are super fun stories and are a really good read to acquaint your kids with superheroes like superman, batman since guys are usually besotted with superheroes so it can be a riveting pick for them.

•Abigail and the snowman: it’s an intriguing and fantastic read for the young kids which will instill in them the value and potency of a good friendship and how a beautiful friendship can transform one’s entire life. Kids of all ages can enjoy this intriguing story of a blossoming friendship  that emerges between Abigail and Claude.

These above listed comics are an absolute delight to read. Your kid will never mind diving into the amorous world of wordless characters over and over again. Words are futile devices, as they say but when combined with a picture of pure art and fascination then words are the most powerful devices and nothing can beat them up. There is a magic so soothing and yet so magnificent that resides between the pages, flip through pages or flip through magic. These are the words that mean just the same. Always!