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Top 5 Pregnancy Apps For Every Mom-To-Be

Top 5 Pregnancy Apps For Every Mom-To-Be

Congratulations you are pregnant! Now whats next? Download a few pregnancy apps to kick off your pregnancy with confidence and excitement.

Whether you’re pregnant for the first or fourth time, you’ll want to have the best tools at your fingertips to stay on top of each trimester in a personalized way. Certain pregnancy apps provide informative entertainment, like searching through thousands of baby names  or tracking the stage of your baby’s development in uterus, but there are also tools within different pregnancy apps for Mom to keep a check on various appointments, vitamin schedules, timelines regarding preparing for baby’s arrival, and even making an appointment with a doctor remotely. Isn’t it great?

So, if you’re pregnant and ready to know what apps you should download on your phone for your pregnancyHere are our top 5 picks just for you momma!

1. Expectful Pregnancy AppIts free, available for iOS. If you are super stressed then hurry and download this app! It is best for meditation. Meditation can help you conceive and give your baby the best start in life. Expectful is a guided meditation for each step of your journey. You can find – a) Fertility, trimester and motherhood guided meditation for 10-20 min .b) Lots of exercises available to keep you active throughout your day. c)Receive inspirational quotes and a reminder to motivate you and finally have your own personalized dashboard!

2. Totally Pregnant AppIts free, available for iOS and Android. Totally pregnant app is a  social networking site for pregnant women .You can easily interact with real mothers who are pregnant or was pregnant themselves providing you with great insight and knowledge. Your needs can be met with tailored answers based on your location, and based on your stage of pregnancy, plus the app will know your specific needs and will offer products or services you based on those needs. Moreover, there is a class offered for your prenatal and birth classes that you may take online which you may access through your PC or mobile.

3. Glow nurture Pregnancy AppIts free, available for iOS and Android. This app is best for overall health during pregnancy. This is the app every pregnant woman needs to have to ensure a smooth transition into motherhood.

4. The Bump Pregnancy TrackerThis app lets you compare your pregnancy duration on a weekly basis, giving you a fair idea of how far you are in your pregnancy. The developers have very cleverly used a fruit to illustrate how far you’ve come. This ensures that the mothers aren’t stressed and that they are indeed looking forward to their child. You can even ask questions to medical experts, or even other real mothers who would be eager to help new mothers.

5. Ovia Pregnancy TrackerOvia is a free app and can be downloaded from the Play Store. This app is more about the mother and makes sure that she remains healthy and fit during the pregnancy. Users can sync their BMI (body mass index), weight etc using their fitness trackers and see it changing accordingly over time. The app will send notifications if you’re doing something wrong and suggest you to change your habits right away. This ensures that the mothers remain fit and energized for the baby when the time comes.