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Prenatal Exercises: Exercises for Pregnant Women

Prenatal Exercises: Exercises for Pregnant Women
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Exercises for Pregnant Women: No doubt pregnancy is physically demanding, but regular exercise is an essential way of helping your body cope with the increased demands on your joints, muscles, heart and lungs. During Pregnancy, it is important to consult with your doctor or midwife while starting a new exercise program or even when continuing with your current prenatal exercises. You should discuss any problems or discomfort to determine if you need to take any special precautions.

Stay active and get ready for the new life to join.

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Prenatal Exercises:

  • Swimming: When I was pregnant with my second child what I loved was swimming. And it was so very relaxing and pain relieving. The pressure of the water helps to improve venous blood flow, and this can help reduce swelling in your lower limbs.
  • Squats: Squatting during labor and delivery may help open your pelvis, assisting in baby’s descent. Stand with the feet flat on the floor, shoulder-width apart, and the back straight. Lower yourself slowly, keeping your feet flat and your knees no further forward than your feet. Hold the pose for 10 to 30 seconds, then slowly push up.

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exercises for pregnant women
Pregnancy Yoga and Fitness concept. Portrait of beautiful young pregnant yoga model working out indoors. Pregnant happy fitness person enjoys yoga practice at home. Prenatal Goddess or Sumo Squat Pose
  • Sumo Squats: This squat variation targets the inner muscles of the thighs and glutes. It is also an excellent stretch to open up the hips.
  • Squats against the wall with an exercise ball: This exercise adds a level of instability to engage the core muscles during the squat movement further. If this exercise bothers your knees, go as low as you feel comfortable.
  • Chair Squats: This exercise is a great modification for women who have compromised balance during pregnancy, or aren’t comfortable with regular squats.

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  • Cat Stretch: These can strengthen the abdominal muscles and help reduce back pain. Go down on the hands and knees. Tilt the hips forward and pull the abdomen in, arching the back. Hold the pose for a few seconds. Release, and let the back drop. Repeat this up to 10 times.

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  • Butterfly Stretch: The biggest benefit of doing butterfly exercise when you are pregnant is that it helps you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. It helps to stretch out the areas in your inner thighs and helps to open up your hips, which will help you during delivery.
  • Brisk Walking: This will provide a cardiovascular workout without too much impact on the knees and ankles. It can be almost anywhere, and at any time during pregnancy.
  • Yoga: Yoga strengthens muscles, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances relaxation. It may contribute to healthy blood pressure during pregnancy. But only under the supervision of a trained/ certified yoga trainer. As overstretching could lead to injury.
Exercises for Pregnant Women
Exercises for Pregnant Women

A little workout at home makes it easier to strengthen your whole body. Regular exercise (if done properly) can help reduce back pain, maintain muscle tone; reduce leg cramps, swelling, constipation and improve sleep patterns. Don’t forget to warm up before beginning the exercises and then give your body a 10 to 12 mins cool down stretching to get your heart rate normal and to prevent any injury.

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