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Life Hacks For A Healthy Delivery Of A Pregnant Woman

Life Hacks For A Healthy Delivery Of A Pregnant Woman



You are going to enter into motherhood. There might be many tips and suggestions wrapped up in the glossy papers of other worldly wisdom that your neighbourhood aunties have attained which justifies the grey coverage of their hair being hurled at your side.

Pregnancy blues are scary. You go through many weirdest physical, mental and cathartic changes that you have absolutely no clues to deal with. Sites are leveraged with plenty of articles to tackle pregnancy blues but it ain’t suffice at all. There is a lot that is needed to be taken care of to ensure the healthy delivery which is essential for the lasting health of a mother and baby both.

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Let’s have a look at some of the life saving and defining hacks for a beautiful mom to be. Because there is nothing more precious than her health and prenatal care can ensure the same upto greater extent.

● Normal delivery is quite cumbersome and painful. Well it is. For all the moms to be, it amounts to the breaking of around 20 bones together in a minute. I am not scaring you but just preparing you that sprouting a life to birth is beautiful and every beauty has to be emerged out of a painful process. This is an undeniable gospel. But, operation is not that less painful plus it can leave some scars that are hard to be cured. So, unless there’s an emergency, always opt for normal delivery.

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● Make sure that before undergoing the whole process, you have completed your sleeping cycle. Your sleep cycle must not have been disrupted in any case, else it might lead to temporal damage to some internal organs. It’s must and indispensable. Keep this in mind before prepping to get into the OT.
● Stop adhering to those age old norms that exercises are not meant for a pregnant woman. A kid learns a great deal in mother’s womb. An active mother creates an actively sharp and brilliant child, it’s a fact that many scientific researches have proved. Some light set of exercises in the guidance and supervision of experts keep the mother healthy and her body well prepared in advance for the D-DAY. So no more being a couch potato! Mommies 🌼
● Don’t be your own expert. Yes, avoiding Ghar ki doctory will go extra mile to ensure a great health both for the mother and infant. Also, it’s advisable to the whole family to be Extra cautious about mother’s health during pregnancy and avoid adhering to age old rocket science nuggets of wisdom indiscreetly and thoughtlessly. It can wreak more harm than good. Expert supervision is a fundamental right of every pregnant woman. Don’t snatch it away from her.

This phase is a bit gruesome but yes it can be really memorable and blissful if these aforementioned hacks are to be followed before the D-DAY.

Happy Delivery!
Keep calm, stay fresh and clean and Don’t let any fears and pre delivery stress bog you down!
Take Care You Lovely Ladies.