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The Second Trimester of Pregnancy Week by Week

The Second Trimester of Pregnancy Week by Week

Second trimester of pregnancy is, for some ladies, the simplest three months of pregnancy. Take the time now, while you’re resting easy and your energy is up, to begin making arrangements for your baby’s arrival.

As you enter your second trimester of pregnancy, the morning sickness and exhaustion that plagued you amid the last three months ought to be fading, making you feel more lively and like your old self once more.

Towards the start of the second trimester, babies are around 3 1/2 inches long and weigh around 1/2 ounces. Tiny, special fingerprints are currently set up, and the heart pumps 25 quarts of blood a day. As the weeks pass by, your infant’s skeleton begins to solidify from rubbery cartilage to bone, and he or she builds up the capacity to hear. You’re probably going to feel kicks and flutters soon if you haven’t already.

Amid the second trimester, your child is developing rapidly. Between your eighteenth and 22nd week of pregnancy, you’ll have an ultrasound so your specialist can perceive how your infant is advancing.

  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 14
    second trimester of pregnancy week 14
Your recharged energy (and an end to morning ailment) may calm you into supposing you can take on a marathon.
The intestines have moved more remote into the infant’s body; her liver starts to discharge bile, which will later guide in the processing of fats; and her pancreas starts to deliver insulin, a hormone which transforms sugar into energy.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 15
    second trimester of pregnancy week 15
The “window of opportunity” for some critical screening and symptomatic tests opens this week. The nose, lips and taste buds are framed. The head is secured by a fine, delicate hair called lanugo. Length: around 5 inches; weight: around 2 ounces. Embryo facts: Starting now, female babies demonstrate mouth developments considerably more regularly than male.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 16
    second trimester of pregnancy
Your child weighs around 2.8 ounces (79 grams) and is around 4 1/2 inches from crown to rump—generally the size of a small gerbil. Whenever you will start to feel fetal development as your child’s bones harden, and he/she begins a major development spurt.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 17
    second trimester of pregnancy
Your infant is about as wide as your palm, around six inches tall, and weighs around four ounces—about as much as a bar of soap. She now measures more than your placenta. Your infant is now covered with a fleece layer of lanugo, which twirls in fingerprint-like arrangement over her entire body. The skin is still thin. Brown fat, an extraordinary sort of fat that assumes a part of body heat generation, is being deposited. In the following couple of weeks, your infant’s eyes will start to move underneath their fused lids in a side-to-side sweeping movement.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy: WEEK 18
    pregnancy in second trimester
Fat is being kept all over the body. Teeth have begun to shape. The baby starts to hear sounds in your body. Length: around 8 inches; weight: 6 ounces. Her retinas have turned out to be light delicate.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 19
    pregnancy in second trimester week by week
Your infant weighs around 8 1/2 ounces, and measures around 6 inches long. In the event that the infant is a young lady, early ovaries contain follicles with framing eggs. Pictures of babies at this age indicate them touching the film of the amniotic sac, touching their own faces, going after the umbilical cord, accelerating their legs, and sucking their thumbs.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 20
    second trimester of pregnancy
A white, creamy substance called vernix caseosa protects the skin from its watery condition. Sweat glands form. Length: around 10 inches; weight: 9 ounces.

Fetus fact: Starting now, immunities are being exchanged from you to the baby.

  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 21
    Length: around 10 inches The second trimester of pregnancy
Your baby now weighs around three-quarters of a pound and is roughly 10 1/2 inches long. Your routinely drinks amniotic liquid for hydration and nourishment, urinates in the liquid and takes in and. Eyebrows of the baby and eyelids are completely created. Taste buds are shaping on the tongue.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 22
     week 23 second trimester of pregnancy
The brain has entered a period of fast development. Length: around 11 inches; weight: just under 1 pound. She is entering her fifth month of presence. Her fingernails are completely developed, and her organ frameworks are becoming more useful and particular. The baby has a distinct pair of lips, and her first canines and molars are creating beneath her gum line.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 23
    second trimester of pregnancy week by week
The gonads start to drop into the groin from the abdomen; the uterus and ovaries have developed. Body proportions are like a newborn’s, however, the fetus is still thin. The eyes are shaped however lack pigmentation. Length: around 11 1/2 inches; weight: around 1 pound.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 24
    baby Length: around 11 1/2 inches second trimester of pregnancy
The fetus creates waking/sleeping designs. Genuine hair (not lanugo) starts to grow on the head. Length: around 12 inches; weight: 1 ¼ pounds. Your child’s skin turns out to be less translucent as the pigment is deposited. A few children now kick because of sounds and touch from outside the womb.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 25
    the second trimester of pregnancy week 25
Your fetus measures 1/2 pounds and is somewhat more than 13 inches long. Your infant can touch and hold her feet and make a fist. Your child has a regular sleep schedule now active and inactive periods. The nostrils of the baby, which have been plugged, open up.
  • Second Trimester of Pregnancy : WEEK 26
    second trimester of pregnancy
The eyelids independent and the eyes are beginning to open. Lungs are starting to develop surfactant, which enables them to inflate. The fetus starts to sleep for longer periods, frequently when you do. Length: 14 inches; weight: just about 2 pounds. Your infant’s listening ability framework (cochlea and fringe tactile end organs), which started fine advancement amid week eighteen, is currently totally formed.
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