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Serena Williams’s Story About Her Childbirth Complications Could Save Another Mother’s Life

Serena Williams’s Story About Her Childbirth Complications Could Save Another Mother’s Life

Like most moms, Serena Williams is delightfully charmed by her beloved newborn, daughter Alexis Olympia. Amid her recent interview and cover shoot with Vogue, the expert tennis player even stated,

“We’re not spending a day apart until she’s eighteen.” While she’s joking (presumably),  


When she invited Alexis in September, Serena had the euphoric experience of feeling her little daughter lay on her chest, yet at that point, she stated, “Everything went bad.” She went ahead to clarify that as a result of her history of blood clots, she quickly knew something wasn’t right when she started encountering shortness of breath. Because of her surgery, Serena wasn’t taking her normal medication to keep the clots under control. This made her stress over having another pulmonary embolism (a life-threatening condition when blood clusters travel to the lungs). She knew she required a CT scan, yet the specialists didn’t tune in and requested a doppler. When nothing appeared on the ultrasound, she asked the specialists for a CT scan. Beyond any doubt enough, she was correct — Serena had a few blood clumps making a home in her lungs.


She likewise uncovered that a reaction of her pulmonary embolism was violent coughing, which caused her C-section incision point to open.

When she came back to surgery, the specialists found that a hematoma, which is a swelling of clotted blood, had submerged into her abdomen. At long last, Serena needed to persist yet another surgery where specialists placed a filter into a major vein to keep more clusters from moving to her lungs. The athlete then spent the next several weeks recovering.

Serena’s husband, Alexis Ohanian, stated, “Consider for a moment that your body is one of the greatest things on this planet, and you’re trapped in it.” The uncertainty and frustration got to Serena, as it would any new mother. “Sometimes I get really down and feel like, ‘Man, I can’t do this,” she said. “It’s that same negative attitude I have on the court sometimes.” But since Serena has never been one to stop, she’s been recovering and soaking up every precious second with the new love of her life. Furthermore, soon after she shared her story, she contacted fans on Facebook about how important it is for new moms, especially black women, to recognize what’s going on with their bodies:

“I didn’t expect that sharing our family’s story of Olympia’s birth and all of complications after giving birth would start such an outpouring of discussion from women — especially black women — who have faced similar complications and women whose problems go unaddressed.”

These aren’t just stories. According to the CDC, black women are 3 times more probable than White women to die from pregnancy or labor-related causes.

Let’s get straight to the point:

EVERY mother, paying little respect to race, or foundation should have a sound pregnancy and labor.

All women of all colors should have the best experience they can have. Serena’s own experience was not extraordinary but rather it was her experience and she was cheerful it happened. It made her more grounded and it influenced her to acknowledge women – both women with and without kids – considerably more. We are effective!!!

“I want to thank all of you who have opened up through online comments and other platforms to tell your story. I encourage you to continue to tell those stories. This helps. We can help others. Our voices are our power.”– exclaimed Serena.

Truly, her entrance into motherhood wasn’t a terrific slam. Yet now that she takes into her new part, you can wager she’s swinging as hard as she used to.

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