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10 questions every kid needs to ask to know their father better

10 questions every kid needs to ask to know their father better

There are many such times especially being a teenager or an adult that we face a dearth of questions to kickstart a stimulating and invigorating interaction with our dads at home. Our parents know us the best, but how many times you have pondered over the fact that you might not be really familiar of your parents, as much as you think. It’s evident that our parents are the ones who understand and know us really well but we, due to generation gap fail to know about them on deeper level. They also yearn to be loved and to be known deeply, because there comes a certain age when kids get engrossed so much into the helter-skelter of their teenage life that parents and their little things and desires that they wish to share with their kids take a backseat because kids don’t have time for them.

Mothers are usually great at expressing herself and her angsts but men are so inadept and ill-qualified at that, they often struggle through their pains and pangs of stress the routine life has to offer but absolutely none in the family will ever get to know about, not even his spouse. They wish and deeply craves to feel included in the lives of their kids but nimbly steps back when they feel like they are being too intrusive in the lives of their kids and they don’t wish to invade into their privacy.
There are some interesting ways through which you can know your daddy dearest a little bit more. He might not be that mysterious as he tries to portray himself. So, just shed the walls between you and your father and know him in a better way than you have ever tried with the help of all these questions we have curated here for you all in the list that follows:
What do you remember the most about your father? This question will certainly evoke some insightful memories that he would like to share or maybe have been longing to take a trip down the memory lane until you nudged the subject. Trust me, he will be really thankful to you for striking such an insightful conversation that this question will lead to. It may also lead to deeper discussions about dad’s personal history.

Who was your best friend in elementary/primary school? This question will make him reminisce some of the fondest and most beautiful memories of his childhood. And of course, the most joyous of all times are usually spent in the most endearing company of childhood friends.
What did you wish to become while growing up? It might be an interesting thing to get an insight into his early aspirations and interests. This question can be further elaborated if he changed his aspirations at later point of his life and what convinced him to opt for a different path than he wanted to pursue earlier.
How did you meet mom? Your reaction and how did you decide to marry her?Such questions and father’s experiences can actually prove to be really helpful to tackle your adult issues as well. It might turn out to be a really interesting topic to elaborate the discussion and drag the conversation.
What is something that you really adore in mom and what is that which irks you endlessly about her but it doesn’t matter any longer? This is an interesting question which might further lead you to explore some unknown facets about your mother too.
What was your first job and how did it go? It might bring into the daylight some nuggets of wisdom that will help you eventually to sail through the storms of your early bittersweet job experiences that will ultimately ensure the smooth sailing of your career rides afterwards.
What are those things that you wish you must have done differently than a typical, conventional father would do?
How would you describe your fatherhood experience?
What are the 3 most precious and the most tragic moments of your life so far?
Is there anything that you always wanted to share with me or tell me but you couldn’t due to some unknown inhibitions?

This is the question that every child must ask to their fathers, because there are so many things that might be hurting them or they might be feeling an urge to talk it out but had none beside them. They usually restrain as a conventional man is expected to do to not express himself openly and think a lot before sharing something he really wish to due to the fear of being judged and misunderstood, especially by the people he cares about and get affected by their opinions.

Happy father’s day!

Make him feel more desired, wanted and loved. This is all he needs much more than your fancy status updates and expensive gifts. Make him feel special every day. Trust me, he is the best guide, teacher and philosopher you will ever find.