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5 Ways to Motivate Your Pregnant Wives During Pregnancy

5 Ways to Motivate Your Pregnant Wives During Pregnancy

“For a pregnant woman, what is really important is constant reassurance and bouts of motivation. Pregnancy is the phase that should be equally appreciated and experienced not just by mom to be but by dads also.”

There are so many ways that can keep a mom-to-be motivated during such a challenging phase. It’s pretty common for a woman to experience mood swings during pregnancy because of hormonal changes.
These changes also sometimes lead to change in taste and make her feel lethargic.
She might feel extremely uncomfortable sometimes because of those sudden mood swings. It’s better to be sensitive to her preferences, listen to her rants, try to bring out the positives about this phase onto the table, be cheerful, optimistic and try to figure out what works best for her to uplift her spirits and her mood. Apart from that, there are several other ways through which moms to be can be kept motivated.

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Tag Along With her for Antenatal Check-ups: Accompany your wife for prenatal check-ups regularly. It’s important to hear her voice, her worries, and this is the only way to calm her anxiety levels down. This is the way you can also keep a track on the progress of her pregnancy. If it’s not possible, then at least try going with her for important appointments like ultrasound and regular visits to gynecologists.

Pregnant Wives During Pregnancy
Along With her for Antenatal Check-ups pregnant wives during pregnancy

Keep Yourself Informed About Various Pregnancy Related Workshops and Antenatal Classes being Conducted by Various Childcare Hospitals in and Across Your City.

Take your wife or daughter-in-law with you. The atmosphere of such workshops and the company of other positive mother and moms to be will fill her with so. Try attending these classes with her. This is the best way to keep herself pumped up and happily motivated. These workshops will also train you to support your wife in labour and how to give her a massage or helping her exercise”.

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Be the Part of Her Life: If you’re a working professional, then please keep looking after your wife. Keep calling her in every 2-3 hours. A pregnant woman needs a hell lot of assurance and pampering. And she gets absolutely overwhelmed and delighted if it comes from her hubby. Keep checking on her if she is in taking meals frequently or ask her to keep herself active and taking a stroll in between her work and meals. Share her chores and live that phase with her. You too are going to become father.
Help Her in Light Exercises: Become her workout partner. This is the phase when there is none but her best friend can motivate her the most. And who is the best friend of a wife, of course her husband. Be her workout partner too. Help her in practice labour exercises such as supported squats.

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pregnant wives during pregnancy
There is a secret key to unlock the happiness during that phase.

Revel in Your Belly: There is a secret key to unlock the happiness during that phase. Photograph, put an Instagram post, write about your experiences and wear comfy and stylish outfits to look graceful. Embrace the changes, adore your baby bump, write about complications and hiccups too. Go and plant a garden and do everything that invigorate your senses and bring out the best in you.

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Happy Pregnancy!