Home Parenting Kids Amazing dad and kids campaigns that you just can’t miss on this father’s day

Amazing dad and kids campaigns that you just can’t miss on this father’s day

Amazing dad and kids campaigns that you just can’t miss on this father’s day

When a man becomes a father, he instantly grows up. Something changes in them. The men are often misunderstood creatures, as someone who are usually self-obsessed and doesn’t gives a damn about anything or everything. But when the role of a man is transitioned into a father, most of you wouldn’t even bat an eyelid that how dads are the most concerned, meticulous and someone who constantly takes extra care of everything, that brings comfort and complacence in the lifestyle of his family.
We all have grown accustomed to over the years that how as kids we must abide by the rules of discipline and principles inculcated in us by our fathers.
Fatherhood is no way less significant and precious than motherhood. The usual silent nurturers and caretakers of all our needs and unspoken desires are understood and fulfilled by our dads even at the cost of their pleasures and they don’t even think twice about putting their needs at bay for the well being of their kids. We all must have watched at least for once in our lives the movie ‘Baghbaan’ and how beautifully it captures the generosity our fathers continue to bestow us with throughout our lives so selflessly that no matter what we do, we can’t ever thank them enough for that no matter what we do.
The world of advertising has produced some of the most amazing ad campaigns that perfectly elucidates the emotion of fatherhood in all its shades and hues. So, let us have a slice of delight by diving into the fiesta of emotions this father’s day through these absolutely soulful ad campaigns.

  • Soul pancake (the fatherhood project): Soul pancake brand launched a very unique campaign in which a few kids were asked to throw some light on the interesting insights about their daddy dearest. “What is something that irks them a lot about their father and what is that which amuses them endlessly?” It was humdinger of father’s day campaigns which garnered rave reviews from people. It is sure to leave a soft, pink smile on your lips for a long time. Don’t miss this one.

(Image source: dovvi.com)

Godrej (my first hero): Children across every age group wouldn’t think twice before answering that who is their first superhero. of course the answer would be ‘my dad’. This beautiful campaign dives into those various unsaid moments that we spend with our fathers and will always remain incomplete without them. He is that quintessential and foremost knight in the shining armour for every daughter whom she can trust blindly and can have faith that there is absolutely one man in the whole wide world who will never hurt her. All those little, precious moments are so heartwarming that you would run directly to give your dad the tightest hug right away.

(image source: lightshouseinsights.in)


  • Oreo: Oreo is the brand well known to showcase the beauty and childlikeness that father and kid duo shares. The beauty of this relationship lies in its ingenuity. As a kid you’re not supposed to splurge into expensive goodies to impress your dads. This campaign perfectly captures the depth of this bond that how a kid with limited resources at his disposal come up with an idea to celebrate father’s day in a special way that fills his dad’s heart with immense joy. This Oreo Canada ad ought not to be missed. It will fill your heart with bubbles of effusion.

(image source: dairyqueen.com)

  • Dove men care: This father’s day will remain incomplete without this heart-melting campaign being allowed to tug at your heartstrings. #readDadmoments is one of its kind campaign that you can never have enough of.

(image source: afrugalfriend.net)

Gillette (Go and ask Dad): As Gillette says, more than 84% of young boys receive the most practical and quintessential information from their phones. Gillette took a chivalrous step in detaching the guys with their phones and taking the real life nuggets of wisdom directly from the ‘man of the house’, the awesome dads who know more than google and youtube almost every time. There are such activities that only a dad can teach his son, like his first shave, how to tie a tie and the most sought after one, “how to ask a girl out without creeping her out”.

(image source: www.campaigntr.com)

So, this fathers day, pluck yourself out of the state of obscurity that this digital world has created around you and spend some quality time with the person for whom every little gesture of yours counts a million. The one no matter what, has always has his back to uphold you even in the most unpleasant of times.


I love to love you daddy!