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Bonding between Grand-parents and Grand-children !!

Bonding between Grand-parents and Grand-children !!

They are the world’s best educators to teens,

To them, he is the king and she’s the queen.

They are our off-springs’ vitamins of growth,

Loving them unconditionally is their oath.


The grandparents are the family heritage, they are the people with the history,

For the progenitors, they are the garden of love, the strongest support to all and a grandchild’s victory.

They keep the tradition going on in our lives, they have all the experiences to share,

Their lap is our safest heaven, where our siblings/children can get the best of care.

Adding a spirit and texture to everyday lives, sometimes annoying, sometimes so right,

Always on their toes to strengthen the family bond.

The best of food, the sweetest of sweets to melt into their mouth

Grandparents can feed them not only with world cuisines but also with the world of understanding, giving and caring,

Teaching the right values across the board, spreading away the rhythm of lives,

They are connectors of the generations with everlasting smiles.

Endless blessings, love and support, they have time for all their moods,

Starting the day with their school, to grocery, to the playground, they can engage them the whole day long.

Spending quality time, completing their circle of love, standing beside them till the end of time,

They are a window into their parents’ childhood, a sense of adventure with life lessons too.

With them, grandchildren can brew a treasure of memories to keep,

Unfolding Moral stories, Noble Books, the struggle of their lifespan and wisdom to sleep.

Fewer or rather many times the tuning doesn’t match but that’s the time to catch,

Let them argue, let them explain but never leave the unbroken patch.

Complications, emotional distances, issues are just a matter of a few hours,

Agreements, disagreements within relationships are just the life’s part.

Arguments, fights, discussion are signs of healthy family,

What is important is to live together happily.

To complete this wonderful circle of love, to let the traditions flowing, to know more about the family tree,

Grandparents are the footsteps that make a generation wiser, the precious gem in the house that makes us “WE”.