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10 Insanely Important Books About Motherhood

10 Insanely Important Books About Motherhood

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. I believe that the closest we can come to understand God’s love for us is when we reflect on a mother’s selfless love for her children.”

Mothers have been the focus of many fictional works throughout literary history. Writers may revere or confront, respect or dissect, reject or accept them. The important women in our lives have always been sidelined even after the roles that they play throughout our lives. Are you looking for books about motherhood that reflect on the untraditional stories of motherhood? We have compiled for you vivid, complex, and unforgettable portraits of moms. 

Enlisted below are the incredible 10 books that talk about some of the most popular explorations of different facets of motherhood.

  1. Infinite Home, by Kathleen Alcott

    Books about MotherhoodA beautiful story of the tenants of the Brooklyn brownstone and the crisis they must overcome together. Kathleen Alcott’s novel Infinite Home is a book on motherhood and follows a widowed landlady named Edith. Edith owns the Brooklyn brownstone. When one day Edith estranged son, Owen comes to take her away and decides to sell the building. The tenants, crippled in various ways-in mind, in spirit, in the body and in the heart come together to protect their home and the untraditional family they have formed together.

  2. Beloved, by Toni Morrison

    Books about MotherhoodIt is the most powerful story about mothers and daughters. The story of the mother going her way out to protect their children is deeply moving. Through the narratives of Sethe, Baby Suggs, enver, Beloved and other characters, Morrison gives justification to the concept of motherhood and helps break free of the existing idea about motherhood that society finds convenient to constrict it within.

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  3. Secrets of the Baby Whisperer, by Tracy Hogg

    Books about MotherhoodThis is one of the best books about motherhood, especially if you are a new mom. This book makes the new moms feel confident in the choices they have made, during a time when they struggle with anxiety, exhaustion, and self-doubt. This book makes an attempt to explain how parents can use several major principles in raising their toddlers. New moms find this an interesting book because it provides insights into the management of many common toddler behaviors.

  4. Learning to Fly, by Roxanne Henke

    Books about MotherhoodLearning to Fly, by Roxanne Henke is a book that explores different parenting styles. Henke shows how different parenting styles can make or break the future of your children. It is probably one of the books about motherhood that mothers like the most. The book showcases what is inside the heart of the mother. Each time Susan thinks she just might be able to handle the parenting troubles that arise in front of her, Lily, Susan’s daughter discovers a new stage of growth and testing and Susan tries her best to keep up.

  5. ‪Bloom: Finding Beauty in the Unexpected, by Kelle Hampton

    Books about MotherhoodBloom is a beautiful, honest and inspiring story. The book celebrates the strength of a mother’s love and the beauty found in the unexpected. It is the portrayal of pure love in its truest form and ultimately, embracing life and really living it. The book is a reminder that a mother’s love for her child is a powerful, eternal, unshakable force. Watching Kelle’s journey unfold is also breathtakingly beautiful – made so by her words and also by the pictures that she includes.

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  6. Waiting for Birdy, by Catherine Newman

    Books about MotherhoodIt is one of the funniest books about motherhood. It is the most astute—account of a mother’s first years with her toddler. The book is all about laughing through the fears of motherhood. The mothers expecting their second child will be able to relate the most with the anxiety and worries concerning the coming baby. Newman takes the readers through the early milky days of babyhood, casting a gentle light on the happy and ugly moments.

  7. ‪Operating Instructions, by Anne Lamott

    Books about MotherhoodThe book covers the truth about the first year of motherhood- the joy and horror it contains. Operating Instructions is about a single mother trying to raise a child with no sleep and little money. She talks about the highs and lows of parenting. Lamott narrates all the events that make up a woman’s life – from finding out that her best friend, Pam will die of cancer to getting used to the idea that her baby is a boy.

  8. Children Are Wet Cement, by Anne Ortlund

    Books about MotherhoodAnne Ortlund in her book, Children Are Wet Cement reveals the best technique for raising secure, loving children. She names the technique – verbal affirmation. She gives information all the stages of childhood, from infancy to adult years. Anne wrote the book based on experiences of her own childhood and parenting adventures. “Children are like wet cement-moldable and impressionable.”

    It is one of the best selling books about motherhood.

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  9. The Tao of Motherhood, by Vimala McClure

    Books about MotherhoodThe book is warm, reassuring, peaceful, calming and designed for parents of each and every generation. It is a parenting guide that provides support and guidance on the art of parenting.
    Excerpt from the book- “Yielding to the flow of change is essential for life. Acting out of fear, our inner “juice” slowly dries up and, like a dead tree, we are easily broken. If we wish to continue to be full of life, we must learn to relax and yield, to flow. Like the young tree, we will be flexible and strong, ever growing, with abundant youthful energy. If we cannot relax, we cannot listen to and truly hear our children, and we miss their messages, misinterpret their needs and wishes, and lose touch with who they truly are.”

  10. How Hard Can It Be? by Allison Pearson

    Books about MotherhoodAllison Pearson in this book engages in the self-torture of every woman about to turn 50. “How hard can it be?” is the sequel of the international bestseller I Don’t Know How She Does It. Allison deftly etches the cluelessness parents feel while raising teenagers obsessed with the cyber world. It is a funny and tender book tackling major issues like sexism, midlife crisis, and understanding one’s needs when catering to those of so many others, She brilliantly mixes realism with escapism.

    Surely it all works out well in the end. After all, how hard can it be?