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Tackle Conflict Between Modern Parents and Teenager

Tackle Conflict Between Modern Parents and Teenager

Parents and teenager – Do you as a parent often feel like with each passing day in the life of your Teenager, the distance between you two is only growing?

Sometimes you control an urge to argue back with parents and teenager. As you see them completely engrossed in their lives, their phones with gruesome indifference writ largely all over their faces. It is clearly evident through their grim expressions that it is shot at you with sheer indignancy.

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“Does this story rings familiar enough?”
“Is it actually becoming a ritual?”

Then, you just know that blaming on either part is not going to be helpful. The growing conflict between parents and teenager is becoming a common household problem. Even if you feel like you haven’t done anything to fuel the conflict that seems to have stemmed between you two out of nowhere. Your child is already mad at you, arguing with you for no apparent reasons. Also, shouting at top of their voices and yelling at you.

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Modern Parents and Teenager

Such tantrums on their part are enough to test the patience of parents. They sometimes feel helplessly bewildered. Therefore they choose to go simply along which eventually results in complete isolation of kids from their parents.

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Parents are often trying their best to become their kids’ confidantes. But all you find frustration waiting for you at the end.

Sometimes the reasons are extremely unknown and hope tends to get bleak as the relationship progresses. Though, the source of such problems is something we will try to decipher through this blog post.

• The expectations of you and your child aren’t aligned. You two want two different things at the same time, and kids will be kids, they are likely to force things and rebel as per their whims. So, the best solution to address the problem here is simply stop commanding your child.
Sometimes the best lessons are learned through experiences. If the demand is not risky and dangerous for them, it’s better to allow them to hold the reins. If they happen to fall, they will likely to turn towards their parents and their valuable advices from the next time.

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• Most of the children are inquisitive. They wish to wander alone, try new things, explore world and relish new experiences along the ride. And this often contradicts with most of the parents, for the reasons that they wish to keep them safe and protected. The art of peaceful parenting lies in the fact of honouring kids’ dire need for freedom and exploration. At the same time making them self sufficient enough to look after themselves and protect themselves.

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Modern Parents and Teenager

Peaceful parenting is more or less about teaching your child to learn the art of moulding oneself as per the situations. It is teaching them the art and skill of setting up flexible principles that neither limit their consciousness, success, morality and self-discipline. Make them their own saviours.

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• Freedom is not always risky and terrifying. If your teen is well versed in the art of practising safety along with freedom, it should be safe and invigorating. Make them learn the value of life so that they don’t dive madly into the ocean of freedom and solitude. Freedom doesn’t mean that one is supposed to leave their logic and common sense behind.

• Educational problems that leads to conflict between you and your child can be tackled best only when from the early years. They are being raised on the plank of strong set of values and principles that support education. It inculcates in them the sense of self-study and healthy competitiveness. Once your child becomes a learner, trust me you wouldn’t have to argue with your child. Be it related to their responsibilities towards studies because they will never take it for granted.

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Modern Parents and Teenager

Happy parenting!

Problem is not about a kid being a warrior. It erupts when importance is given to wasteful battles.  Try to befriend them, take them into your confidence and avoid all possible reasons of conflict. parents and teenager ‘s life will eventually become paradise.