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Cherished Moments – From The Diaries of Motherhood

Cherished Moments – From The Diaries of Motherhood
“Being a parent means loving your children more than you have ever loved yourself.”

Being a mom , every second of a moments is precious and to be treasured. We learn innumerable new things from our own  ‘creations’. New experiences are gained every moment.

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I was married at the age of twenty one. A fresher from college who was novice in every aspect. But was way too perfect in making delicious cold coffee and instant noodles. A complete, unexpected change i underwent in life after the very ‘4 vows’ of nuptial rituals. A change in its literal means that changed me in a person a great deal. After getting married, I was brought to a foreign country, but among my own people. A very warm and supportive family, who entrusted their faith in me in each and every step during my matrimonial journey. From the virtues of pen and books, to the perfection
of  ‘ladle and soup’. Every moment I was learning something new.

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Cherished Moments - From The Diaries of Motherhood
The JOY of MOTHERHOOD comes in MOMENTS…Take time to listen, to laugh, and to play together.”
Two years flew like a  fresh spring breeze. I was now a better version of me! Much matured and seeking more knowledge from every possible aspect. I was having an ‘improvised edition’ of me in my lap! I was a mom now , to a very adorable daughter. A moment changes your life for the whole; and a child changes you! From a slumber-holic and an easy spirited girl , I was now a responsible mother! What a transition, no!? Hell of a transition, i swear. Every second, looking after the needs of my child sometimes comes at the cost of putting yours aside, no matter how cliched it may sound! Trying to understand the tactile nuances, eyes and those innocent expressions. As if I was transitioning in, to a philosopher, which I had never been before being a mother, but such is an experience of motherhood!
Cherished Moments - From The Diaries of Motherhood
“My children may not have EVERYTHING they want in life. But they have a mom who loves them with EVERYTHING she has to GIVE.”
It wouldn’t be a hyperbole to say that motherhood is nothing less than a saga of experiences.
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Motherhood is not an easy employment! Yes it is an employment, not with rich pays but entrusted with high responsibilities and lofty hopes. Feeding a child after every two hours is tiring and painful but it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and enthusiasm to nourish your child.
As a beginner in any field, we do face some difficulties or problems. But with our patience and perseverance we overcome every hurdle. Feeding is also not so easy for a new mom! The amount of pressure and pain she feels, is inexplicable, but yet so satisfactory!
The skin is tender and due to lack of experience, every mom has a common difficulty of   ‘latching’. I sailed on the same boat.
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A week after I delivered my daughter, I had the problem of fissures and ‘milk blisters’ . I was asked to discontinue breast feeding for few days, as to heal my wounds. I was shocked. I could not even think of this sin to commit. How would my little bundle would survive! I was suggested by pediatric to ‘express’ the milk and feed by a baby spoon .
A little relief but still not relieved! How would she swallow and so many inhibitions in Mind!
Sometimes even after consulting the practitioners, we rely upon our own native clinicians! My midwife suggested me a home remedy and to continue with breastfeeding. I followed like a submissive student. Only thing I did was, before feeding I whispered softly in my angel ‘s ears  that your mother is going through tremendous pain, please be nice and helpful. My daughter looked into my teary eyes for a moment and smiled! I still remember the loving expression on her angelic and innocent face. It seemed as if she understood my every single word, also my pain and assured me that she will help me.
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From that very memorable moment, until all the moments that we have spent together are worthy to be treasured through every means! My bundle of happiness, from a cherub to an adolescent today ,not only she understands me more than anyone else but also solves every problem of her mother! That smart and sensible my darling is.
Motherhood is a constant call to be on my feet, to deal with the challenges, and to learn everything I possibly could to do it right.
More than a daughter, she is my friend, most favourite pal since forever, and also a  ‘mentor‘, a guiding light, a blessing in disguise, who guides me in my journey through the dark passages of life!