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My most important lesson for life and the most precious gift i ever received.

My most important lesson for life and the most precious gift i ever received.

It fills our heart with an eerie feeling with the very thought of left out, cornered or being alone. Life tastes really good with just one ingredient – Companionship. In my childhood like every girl child i was also fascinated with my dad. The mere thought of him loving or cuddling any other child would send pangs of fury down my spine. For the same reason i had unfriended my dad’s niece, the first born in our extended family. Well we all know how precious this one child is and the golden throne he or she occupies in everyone’s heart. But my concern was my dad’s equal amount of attention extended to her as to me. Gradually, over a period of time, due to his job we moved to a nuclear setup, to a city and I was his princess with undivided attention. All was going fantastically well except for a few family parties where he would play with other kids, which I would try to ignore with a heavy heart but often fails. So on one such night I decided to ask my dad how he can love someone else’ kid like his own? How can you share things with some unknown bunch and even let go of things that you lovingly picked up for your darling child??

Do you really like them?
For this my dad kept quiet for the night and answered  only with a fleeting smile and a gentle pat on my back.

After two days me and my dad went for a solo trip. He would take me out quite often out, just the two of us and he always have some great stories to share. Later I realised the reason for this is for giving time to my mum to teach my elder brother because if i am around I would go and disturb them. There were some sitting in a corner studying. Some were cleaning, folding clothes all unsupervised. Children were more or less in the were my agemates. Some were a little older in their tweens. An elderly person came and greeted us. Suddenly we realised that we were the centre of everyone’s attention and some of them rushed to my dad and held his hands. I was surprised to see all this. In a short while a nice aroma filled the room. He had ordered food for all of us . We all sat down and ate the food. My dad even fed some of the little ones a few morsels as he is their good old companion, and they look forward for him. We even had a small group play and after prayer while we were about to leave, a little boy younger than me; may be 8yrs oldie ran to us and he handed over to my dad a self written ‘thank you’ card and to me a tiny doll of his, may be his only prized possession, he dearly upheld for so long. Though i refused to take it along he just forced it down on me and ran away. That was an overwhelming night for a 10yr old ridden with plethora of emotions. I wept hard that night, then my dad gently hugged and said, “darling there is nothing greater in the world than sharing your love and care to the tiny little ones, to the ones wo really need it, who knows how to value the same.”

The pleasure and joy that we receive out of this act of kindness and spreading love all galore wherever we can or wherever we go.

Sometimes we learn our life’s most important lesson from in so unconscious moments that we don’t even get to realize that we have learnt a valuable lesson.
“See, my child, what is there in your hands, Will you ever be able to repay that little one for such a valuable gift??”
I got all my answers that night and i am and will be forever grateful to him for inculcating the value of love, kindness and where the true bliss dwells.

Thank you daddy!