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These Little Games Will Make Your Baby Smarter!

 “Children are born to be active and play games.” It can be seen that the importance of games for babies is an important way for children to recognize the world and develop themselves.

Today, the editor will introduce to you: Games for children of different ages.

The importance of games for children

By allowing children to participate more in the game, you can get many unexpected benefits:

  1. Promote the baby’s physical development

When the baby is born, the tissues and organs are very weak, and it needs continuous exercise to mature, and play is a way for them to exercise.

Through the game, the baby can learn various skills such as walking, running, jumping, climbing, climbing, and throwing, so that the body’s strength, speed, jumping power, climbing power, endurance, and dexterity are better practiced. Also, in the process of playing games, babies can directly touch and manipulate toys to promote the development of their perceived ability and hands-on ability.

2.Promote the development of baby’s memory

In the course of the game, the baby can observe the surrounding things happily, while accumulating knowledge of life, but also consolidate memory. For example, to play certain roles, the baby must work hard to search for the image of the role that exists in the mind, and actively and purposefully memorize certain game rules or game plots, so that the baby’s memory has developed invisibly.

Besides, while the baby imagines himself as someone else, he needs to constantly change his identity, which greatly develops the creativity of the baby.

3.Promote the development of a baby’s social ability

Most games need other small partners to cooperate, which increases the chance of conversation between the little ones, helps the baby learn how to get along with others, how to co-operate with others, and promotes the development of the baby’s social communication ability and self-control ability.

4.Improve parent-child relationship

If parents play games with their children, or carefully observe the baby’s play, they can understand his thoughts and feelings, and how the children make decisions and solve problems in the game.

Playing with children is also the most effective way to improve the parent-child relationship. You can learn how to be a good parent and let your child know that you care about him and his world, which is very helpful for him to build confidence.

Because children of different ages have different abilities and points of interest, parents must choose a game that suits their baby.

Games for kids of different ages

1.Shake the flying carpet (suitable for 1-3 months old baby)

Utensils: 1 thick large towel

How to play: Let the baby lie flat on the large towel. Mom and Dad grab the end of the towel and swing it slightly to the left and right for 1-3 minutes. By shaking the flying carpet game, you can help your baby master the balance.

Tips: The game is best played between the two meals of the baby, to avoid baby spitting milk during the game. At the same time, we must observe the child’s reaction at any time, and control the regularity and time of the swing.

2. Look in the mirror (suitable for babies around 6 months old)

Utensils: a mirror

How to play: Mom can hold the baby in front of the big mirror and ask “Where is the baby?” Mom raised a baby’s hand, then waved and said, “Baby is here!” And made various exaggerations in front of the mirror Facial expressions can arouse the baby’s gaze and help the baby strengthen self-awareness.

Tips: The indoor environment should be quiet, too noisy will affect the baby’s judgment.

3.Picking stars from the body (suitable for babies around 8 months old)

These little games let the baby play as much as possible, the smarter the more you play!

Utensils: 10 clips for clothes

How to play: Mom clamps the clip on the clothes in advance and then shows the baby how to remove the clip from the clothes. Generally, the baby will learn it about two times and will continue to play with it tirelessly, which can promote the baby’s finger movement development.

Tips: Mom should be careful not to let the baby put the clip into the mouth to bite, so as not to hurt the baby’s mouth.

4.Plant small flowers on the book (suitable for babies about 10 months old)

Utensils: 1 brightly colored book

How to play: Mom puts the book on the table, rolls it up like a flower page by page, and then guides the baby to reach into each flower with the index finger, and then flips it one by one. This not only can exercise the delicate movements of the baby’s fingers, but it also promotes the development of the baby’s hand-eye coordination.

Tip: Mom should choose a softer book with fewer pages.

5.Play with sand and water (suitable for babies around 1 year old)

Utensils: various tools for playing sand and water

How to play: On a warm day, take a child to pile up different shapes of sand, and then add water to the sand to see how the sand changes. This allows the baby to know the characteristics of the sand and use his imagination to enrich the baby’s common sense of life.

Tips: Don’t limit your baby because of the fear of getting your clothes dirty. Playing with sand and water is when his imagination is fully developed.

6.Book dominoes (suitable for babies about 1 and a half years old)

Utensils: about 10 books of various thickness

How to play: Mom opens all the books in the middle and puts them on the ground in domino form. After putting the 10 books in place, let the baby push the first book with his hand, and watch one of the books fall, which can exercise the baby’s hand-eye coordination ability.

Tips: Mom can increase the number of books according to the baby’s ability.

7. Who is the next stop (for babies around 2 years old)

How to play: When taking the bus, let the baby guess who is getting on the bus at the next stop? The range that can be guessed for the baby, such as: is it an uncle or an aunt? Is it a child or a grandpa? This allows the baby to learn to observe and think.

Tips: If the baby guesses right, you can extend it to let the baby carefully observe the color, movement, and appearance of the rickshaw’s clothes.

8.Street graphics one by one (suitable for babies around 3 years old)

How to play: When you go out, you can let the baby find out the objects related to the graphics, for example, the bus is rectangular and the wheels are round. This can help your baby learn to observe things around and recognize shapes.

Tips: Parents can see a certain object and tell the child what shape it is and what kinds of shapes it is composed of, and the child will analyze it slowly!

0- 3 years old is a key period for fostering the parent-child relationship. Dear parents, do play with your baby.


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