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5 Tips Why Yelling at Kids is Not Really Helpful

5 Tips Why Yelling at Kids is Not Really Helpful

Does Yelling at Kids Actually Help?

Yelling at Kids – Verbal discipline is a slippery slope and one word, wrongly uttered can have lasting hazardous consequences on a child’s psyche.

Sometimes parents while screaming or raising their voices to assert their authority upon them. They do not even realize that they have said something so hurtful to their kids. That it can scar their mental psyche for years to come till they grow up.

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Sometimes kids swallow the humiliation and don’t react. But they continue to harbour poison. It comes out either on their parents or on someone else in the form of misplaced anger later. They might turn out to pose dangers for the other people surrounding them.
The problems associated with physical punishment are well known. There are times when parents end up losing their control when they are being pushed to the certain limits. They can’t help but to yell or shout at kids. But they too, being humans end up forgetting the boundaries of yelling at their kids. As a result, kids get hurt and sometimes too offended to the point of hurting or destroying themselves.

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shouting and yelling at kids can’t be avoided.
Yelling at your kids has been shown to have long-term effects, like anxiety, low self-esteem, and increased aggression

Yelling and shouting at your kids can’t be avoided. Sometimes, kids are too stubborn and ill-mannered. Yelling is the only way through which they can be taught a lesson. Sometimes best lessons are learnt in a hard way only. And to instil discipline and values, yelling at kids is something that you can’t really give up on. But how to yell at them in a way that it turns out to be a constructive exercise for them. Also, that they get to learn something, a thing or a two, rather than feeling smothered and insulted.

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Kids are really sensitive at heart. There are certain things that are delivered to them in such a harshest way one could ever imagine that might trigger self-destructive tendencies in them. So, it’s better to be wary of one’s words especially while dealing with children.
Yelling at your children doesn’t make you awful parents. There is no such rule book which defines and makes the rules of good parenting. It is not really written anywhere that good parents don’t yell at their children.

Here are some reasons why Parents end up Yelling at Kids:

• The first and foremost reason is parents wish to assert their authority and control the mind of kids. Somehow, it’s really important to function that way, otherwise kids might go astray or worse, can get influenced by bad company. But yelling at them in front of other people, in public places and their friends can in turn make them rebellious or they might start detesting you as a parent.

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shouting and yelling at kids can’t be avoided.
Resolving to stop yelling at kids is one thing. Being able to carry through is another.

• Kids usually don’t listen when parents shout at them. They do not understand or their mind refuse to grasp anything. They only try to find ways to escape. In order to find escape, they resort to deceptive means such as dishonesty, blaming others for their mistakes and never learning the art of owning and apologising for their misdeeds.

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• Parents can do one thing, rather than losing their calm, they can try to deal with their kids as calmly as possible. They can make them see through their mistakes and acquaint them with all the possible hazards it can pose.

• Make your kids realize in a healthy and interactive way that life is a mixture of negative and positive moments. Anger, love, they all are emotions and repressing any of them can do more harm than good. So, even if you’re yelling at them for the right reasons, in a place where it’s just you and your child, then child will be able to understand your reason behind yelling and will try to be careful and mindful of not repeating same mistake twice.

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• When life is good and fulfilling, then parents don’t feel any need to yell at their kids, unless the parents are toxic and abusive, so if you’re that kind of a parent, then you must stop torturing your kids like this. Unnecessary yelling only makes your kids violent, and recluse rather than making them disciplined and responsible. They fear to open up with others and have trouble expressing their truest and the most honest positive emotions.

yelling at kids is not really helpful
Remember that your behavior serves as a model for your children’s behavior.

• As a parent, it’s really essential to provide a holistic environment for your kids to grow. Your kids shouldn’t be allowed to live constantly under the threat of watchful eyes and the fear of being yelled at, even for the most irrelevant things. They can’t function in such an atmosphere of fear, even adults can’t. Let alone the kids.

Be Soft, be Nice and Yell at Them, Only if it is in Their Best of Interests!