Secret recipes to beat the heat

Below are dietitian Foram Modi’s SlimPossibleDiet secret recipes:
• Soft kokum peels: 3-4
• Jeera Powder 1/2 Tsp
• Raw organic honey: 1/2 tsp
• Salt to taste
• Chopped coriander: -1/2 tbs
• For the Garnish
• Salt Rim
• 4 sprigs coriander
• Wash the kokum peels, add the raw organic honey and 1/2 cup of water and mash lightly using a spoon.
• Add 3 1/2 cups of water and salt and refrigerate for 2 to 3 hours.
• Mix well and strain the drink using a sieve.
• In each salt-rimmed shot glass, pour equal quantity of the drink and serve immediately garnished with a sprig of coriander.
• Mango pieces – 2-3 pieces
• Coconut Water -100 ml
• Ginger juice -1/2 tsp.
• Lime juice – 1tsp
• Combine the mango pieces, coconut water, and ginger juice in a Mason jar filled with ice. Shake well.
• Pour the mango coconut water and add a dash of lime to it,
• Mixed herbs-parsley, mint, basil, coriander leaves-1 cup
• Honey -1 Tsp
• Lime juice-1 Tsp
• Grated lemon peel-½ Tsp
• Grind all the herbs with other ingredients except lemon peel, with 1 glass water.
• Pour into a tall glass and garnish with lemon peel and mint leaves and serve fresh.
All the herbs are antioxidants which clear the toxins from the body naturally, plus they are cooling in nature so you can beat the heat.
SOL KADHI (kokum curry)
• 8 Kokum or Aamsol
• 1 Cup Coconut, grated
• 1 Cup Hot water
• 2 cloves Garlic or 1 tsp of ginger
• 1-2 Green Chillies
• A pinch of Asafoetida (Hing)
• To taste Rock salt
• For garnishing Coriander leaves and kasuri methi
• Soak the kokum in about 3/4th cup water adding the hing and salt. Keep aside for 5 hours.
• Grind the grated coconut, garlic, and chilies together with little water in a blender or mixer.
• When it grinds to a thick paste-like texture, squeeze the ‘milk’ out of the paste and keep aside
• Add 3/4th cup of water to the dry remains and run the mixer again for a minute or so.
• Again extract the milk – adding to the original extract.
• Repeat this process two to three times till basically all the ‘milk’ gets extracted from the coconut
• Discard the kokum from the water, add the coconut milk mixture into the kokum water, mix well to get a creamy pink colored sol kadhi.
• Taste it and add seasoning and garnish it and keep aside for 2 hours
• 1/4 cup pearl barley
• 4 cups water
• A pinch of salt
• A drizzle of honey
• A lemon rind
• Heat the water and pearl barley in a saucepan and bring it to a boil.
• Add the salt and cook on a low flame for 30 minutes. You can muddle the grains a little, using a spoon.
• Strain it into a glass, tip in a lemon rind, and drizzle with a little honey on top.
• Let it cool completely have warm or have chilled.

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