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Benefits of Playtime

So, mommies, the new session has started and with the upgraded class our expectations from the child have upgraded too. RIGHT??

Yesterday, when my daughter came back from class school, I asked her “finish all the school work first and then only you can go out to play”. My daughter finished her work, went out and started to enjoy with her friends.

Her play was her vehicle for explaining and learning new skills and connecting with her peers. She caught up with every small thing including in her play whether it is how to control her little brother, tricks to make him work, solving the problem with friends in her own way, and even communicating in a better way so that none of the friends feel offended and their enjoyment keeps on. Her play was her Antidote to all the stress of school studies, worries, tomorrows test and even my scolding. She felt free, joyful and connected with the world in which she feels her best.

Sitting back that evening, I pondered upon… I let her finished her work but that was mere mugging up information and data from textbooks which does not really leave room for her proper education. She learned 100 times more in her play than her book. She needs to be taught to understand her basic instincts, to respect her surrounding, to value relationships, to know life in its varied colors. And for that, she needs to be with her, enjoy her SELF DIRECTED PLAY, from which she can follow her instincts, explore the unknown, conquer her fears and make friends. (That will be her, her own world, her own research). It’s not like homework should be given a sit back but play should be an important part of daily routine.

Playing is a vital activity that kids use to learn about this interactive world and gain social and physical skills.

Quick benefits of play include
• Continued behavioural socialization(Better social skills by interacting with peers)
• Playing within groups is another amazingly powerful way to solidify the skills needed to work together with others
• Fitness
• Relieves stress
• Problem-solving
• Better focus and concentration
• Interest restored
• Learning culture by observation
• Conflict resolution and cooperation with peers
• Building self-language by talking to their own self for better expression of emotions.

Unless a child’s soul is given the right freedom and flexibility to germinate, she cannot grow up to become a respectable human being with the right attitude towards life. If only her spirit gets properly nourished, she can evolve as a worthy human being. So even if there is an intolerable academic pressure on your kid, give them “THEIR TIME”!!
Playtime is not what children like to do, it’s what they NEED TO DO!!!

Dr. Jyoti Arora
Dr. Jyoti Arora
Jyoti completed her B.SC. and M.Sc. in Microbiology and Biotechnology. She has armed herself with M.Phil and P.Hd in Biotechnology from reputed Universities. She has successfully headed the department of biotechnology for BSC biotechnology. A seasoned home manager and a poet by heart.


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