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Education is a mighty weapon

A process in which activities are involved to acquire knowledge, information to excel in brief. It includes learning, acquisition of knowledge, skills, and values.
Education does not only include going to school and university to attend classes of different subjects and lectures but to acquire knowledge or information in wider aspects. Some are not blessed to see even the doorsteps of temples of knowledge, but are masters in every aspect!

Not only theoretical but also practical can be termed as “ education “. Truly spoken how many remember word to word chapters of their alma mater. The answer is NONE! It’s only the thought process or interpretation which lasts long. Even a medical student has to qualify the practical of theory.
Some children are home-tutored.A girl learning the skills of household chores is also an education. A boy sitting at the shop with father or grandfather is also acquiring knowledge and information.The process of learning in unlimited until last breath. But the experience has a formative effect on the mindset and characteristics of an individual.

Human learning begins before birth and continues until death. Education or the process of learning should be lifelong. It should be ongoing, self-motivated and voluntary. The quench of acquiring and learning should never fade. An educated citizen is a gem for the country. He is liable for his own action and behavior. So this is Moral Education. To maintain peace and sanity, which results in less violence and corruption. To be honest, just and generous are the virtues of moral education. To be considerate and loving are the basic principles.
Humane education which helps in nurturing compassion and respect for living beings. To accept a”No”,in life is a big endurance. Perhaps one is not perfect for everything or everyone!

To teach what you are taught is difficult, just as the saying explains: easier to preach than to follow!We are taught to respect others: their feelings, thoughts, and bodies. In today’s scenario, how far is it followed? Netizens with the snip of their fingertips, begin to abuse or body shaming on the silver screen. An intellectual has rightly said, the roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet. Education is a mighty weapon which can be used to change the world!

Gurmeet Chhabra
Gurmeet Chhabra
Gurmeet Chhabra is a home maker did her graduation in literature. Based out of Patna and currently residing in Bangkok, Thailand .She has been an excellent mother to her children and even a wonderful wife to her husband. Planning to expand her horizons in the field of parenting she now writes for “Allaboutkiids”. She has chosen a wide range of topics to write about and continues to peace and enjoyment within her children.

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