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One skill that our Education System is ignoring

Earlier, when our parents studied, there was only one option of school, i.e. the local state board. During our school days, there were options of the State Board and the CBSE Board, ICSE was relatively new and not many schools offering the ICSE Curriculum were found. But these days, we have multiple options for our children, right from the State Board, to CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and IB Boards and I don’t know if any other board exist.

Different boards have a different syllabus, and based on your child’s capability you admit them in the school. These schools promise to develop our children and make them ready for all aspects of life. Many schools these days offer singing, dancing, theatre, skating and many other activities as a part of their curriculum. The schools claim that they will develop the overall personality of your child and at the end of the day because you want the best for your child you enrol them in the best school.
But have you noticed one thing recently? The rate of suicide among children is increasing, the number of school children falling prey to drugs and substance abuse is increasing, cases of sexual abuse amongst school children is at an all-time high. Any idea what is the main reason behind all this? Many times, if we look at the background of the predators, we often find that they are frustrated because of a recent failure or they fear failure. Yes, because our children do not know how to handle failure, our children may end up in taking the wrong path.
The recent case of Ryan International School, wherein a senior class student had mercilessly killed a 2ndstd Pradyuman because he was scared of his results that would be declared at the open house on the next day. This is not the first time that students have fallen prey to failure. The number of cases of suicide that we hear during the results just keeps on increasing every year.
The problem is our education system, it just makes us robots, competitive animals. In this competitive world, our education system openly tells them that if you do not reach the benchmark, then you are a failure but we fail to teach the same children how to handle failure. The problem is without education we teach children, that there is either success or failure but you do not live your life happily. Many times, the children who are not good at certain things, think that they have failed and won’t be in a position to face the world because of the peer pressure but what they forget is it is equally a big task to maintain success.

If there is one thing that our education system fails to teach our children that is how to handle failure. Since Childhood, we teach our children, that if he fails then that is the end of the world. Many times our children study, not out of interest but out of the fear of rejection and peer pressure, due to which they may pass the exams, but may turn out to be professionals of very poor quality.

It is high time, that we stop generalizing and stereotyping failure and tell our children that even despite their failure, they will be accepted by their parents. Let us, as parents, fill the void created by our education system. 

Aishwarya Sandeep
Aishwarya Sandeep
She is a practising Advocate, Law Professor, Blogger and Vlogger. She has published her first Legal Fiction. She also has her own YouTube Channel 'Aishwarya Breaking Stereotype', which aims to break stereotypes with respect to Law. She has her own Company Consultancy.

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