Home Values Sensitivity is a gem of all traits,Cherish it

Sensitivity is a gem of all traits,Cherish it

Sensitivity is a gem of all traits,Cherish it

In a world like ours, where insensitivity is becoming the order of the day, there is something that is so refreshingly honest and sincere about the kids who are sensitive to their surroundings, their environment and also the people around them. For both the parents, the emphasis should be more fixated on making their kids sensitive rather than strong. Yes, today I am going to break a myth that might be an eye-opener for many of the parents.
Parents always ensure the wellbeing of their kids lies in the fact that how strong they become. When I was a kid, I would come across parents scolding their boys especially for demanding dolls, affinity for the color pink or worse for crying. They would often be reprimanded for crying since according to the parents crying is just so feminine trait and boys are meant to be strong and femininity has nothing to do with the word strong at all. They aren’t supposed to shed a tear or two. It wears them more than the hurt or trauma that boy might have been witnessing so courageously for so long.

Parents in their bid to make their children strong, end up making them insensitive living beings devoid of humanity and basic concern for others.
Raise your child more attuned and sensitive to the surroundings, other people and his own feelings and idiosyncrasies is the very first step a parent can take in the direction to make their child stronger than the rest.

It might leave a dent in your child’s mental health and in the name of becoming strong, becomes too insensitive towards himself and his basic requirements and in the process begins to bottle up his fears, insecurities, doubts and troubles he might be going through with the fear of being judged in the eyes of his own parents.

Parenting is nothing less than an underrated art. And let’s be real and honest with us, we aren’t born excellent masters in any art form. We tend to become perfect the more we stop taking it for granted and give it our time, patience and most importantly, our sincere efforts. Parents more than parents should become their child’s best friend. You can or must correct or child when s/he commits a mistake in a smart and sensible way that not only makes him realize his mistake but he doesn’t feel misunderstood, judged or insulted in the process.

Make your child learn the art of expressing so that even if he goes through some suffering he doesn’t continue to suffer through his pain silently. Make him sensitive not just to the world but to himself or herself. Trust me, your ultra-sensitive crying baby will make you feel the proudest one day!

Yes, sensitivity is the new STRONG!