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Important values to teach to your child

Important values to teach to your child

Conceiving and delivering are serious issues and equally serious, considering and challenging are the efforts in demand of parenting and raising a child. Every parent strives hard with all the possible strength to raise the child. Active, intelligent, healthy and a happy child are the qualities every parent desires in the child. But what takes more efforts are inculcating ethics and values in a child. Difficulty increases when it comes to deciding the main values to impart to the child.

It is not possible literally to decide which value is more valuable than the other. But, they can be simplified and categorized. After listening to more than a million parenting advices, and following just a handful with fruitful outcomes, I have shortlisted a few values that I stress upon while raising my Little Rockstar, and they are as follows –

Honesty means to never lie, cheat and steal, saying the truth regardless of any consequences. Honesty is the most important value when it comes to teaching a child. Honesty and its importance does not need any introduction. Often parents misunderstand the importance of teaching honesty at the toddler age, assuming that when the child grows up they will understand. But that’s not right, parents should start to inculcate honesty right from the beginning. Honesty leads to a stronger will, stronger trust and improves behaviour related issues.
Respect for elders
Elders are the reason that all of us are wherever we are. Like the efforts we are making for our child, maybe a lot more than that they took for us. Elders include grandparents, parents, teachers, relatives like uncles and aunts, elder siblings. The best thing that we can give to them is respect. The only thing elders ever expect from us is respect. So respect being such an important value should be taught to children from the beginning. Greeting the elders, caring, being grateful to them, understanding them and spending time with them are a few things that help build respect for elders.
Parents always assure the child by saying ”we’re always there for you”, but then that’s not the truth. Not always can a parent stand beside a child, children have to stand up for themselves and have the courage to tell what is going on no matter it’s good or bad. Some children often get scared of a few situations and are scared to speak about it. Trying to befriend them and bringing them to comfort zone to speak about whatever is happening and explaining them to stand up for themselves or at least speak up. This helps in building confidence and as they say, a confident child becomes a confident and a responsible adult.

There are few other values that should also be taught-
The list might be a little longer. It is difficult to give more importance to a single value than another but we can start from some basic important values as mentioned above and then go ahead.
Hope you guys liked my post, let me know what values do you think are important other than this.