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Best Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Best Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Stories from Labdhapranásam (Loss of Gains)

The stories from Labdhapranásam (Loss of Gains) can help kids understand that with wit, one can win any battle. It is always possible to get out of every situation without losing anything.

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The Story of the Potter

Once upon a time, there lived a poor potter in a small village. One night, he stumbled over a few pots and got hurt. The accident left a big scar on his forehead. The potter’s village was affected by famine and him along with his friends moved to another village. In the new village, he managed to get into the king’s court. Seeing the scar on his forehead, the king assumed that the potter was a brave warrior. He decided to include the potter in his army and made him an important member of his court.

One day the king asked his soldiers to gear up and go fight the war. He asked the potter to lead the army. The potter was afraid to fight the war, so he told the king how he got the scar. The king got angry and thought of punishing the potter. The potter pleaded in front of the king. The potter understood it was better for him to leave the king’s court.

Short Panchatantra Stories: Moral of the Story

Never judge a book by its cover. External appearances can sometimes be deceptive.

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The Lion and The Foolish Donkey

Once upon a time, a lion lived with his assistant jackal in the jungle. The lion and the jackal used to kill a prey and survive together. The jackal served the lion in whatever he did. His work was to please the lion. In lieu of that, the jackal was giving all sorts of services to the lion.

One day after a fight with the elephant, the lion got injured badly. Unable to hunt anymore, the lion and the jackal were starving from hunger. The jackal thought of a plan to get an animal to their cave so that the lion could kill the prey. The jackal found a donkey grazing in a field nearby. He tried to gain the trust of the donkey by asking him why was he so weak. The donkey replied that his owner tortures him. The jackal convinced the donkey to come with him to a place wherein the donkey will find a lot of green grass and female donkeys as well. As soon as they reached the lion’s cave. The lion tried to kill the donkey but the donkey ran away to save his life. The jackal and the lion decided on luring the donkey again to their trap.

When the jackal tried to approach the donkey for the second time, the donkey was agitated. The jackal again succeeded in fooling the donkey by telling him that what he thought was a lion was actually a female donkey. The donkey fell into the trap again. This time, the lion was able to kill the donkey. In the end, the jackal and the lion feasted upon the donkey.

Short Panchatantra Stories: Moral of the Story

Wit is always superior to brute force.

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The Cobra and The King OF Frogs

Once upon a time, there lived a frog along with his relatives in the well. The frog king was always insulted by his relatives. Fed up of his relatives, he decides to get rid of them. One day he left his well and moved to another well. There he had a chance encounter with a cobra. The cobra was hungry and was craving to kill the frog. The frog king invented a plan and made a deal with the cobra. He invited the cobra to the well where his relatives lived. He thought this as a perfect opportunity to get rid of his relatives.

The frog king assumed that the cobra will only prey on his enemy frogs. After some time, cobra killed all the enemy frogs of the frog king. The frog king thought that the cobra would now leave the well. The cobra was in not mood leaving the well and started killing the leftover frogs. Finally, a day came when the frog king was the only frog left in the well

The frog king was again able to convince the cobra not to kill the last frog in the well. He convinced the frog that he would get frogs from the other well. The frog king escaped from the well and never came back.

Short Panchatantra Stories: Moral of the Story

Your enemy’s enemy is not your friend in disguise.


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