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Children and Moral Values

Children and Moral Values
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Do you still remember when you were a child and if somebody entered the house you had to get up to greet them or you were already standing near the door to welcome the person? These values were not taught through value education classes, these were instilled in us by watching the elders in the family.

We learned to respect relationships and people a lot more mainly by watching or being corrected if not done properly. Good old days, we still reminisce those memories and gloat ourselves in front our children. In our time the family members, neighbours, school staff, everybody was interested in our well-being and taught us many moral lessons. Sadly, in the case of our children, it is a little different.

Small families and smaller acquaintance circles due to work pressure have left the parents to teach the children the values of life. A child always remembers what he sees, so if the example is not set right then teaching the right values will not be possible. These values cannot be taught through questions and answers. No child remembers what he was taught when he was in class 5. Moral values have to be sewn into them through persistent efforts. He has to be reminded/appreciated/corrected for his behaviour, be it in school, at home or out in the mall.

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Moral values are such an important part of a human being that we cannot ignore teaching it, neither we can assume that they will learn when they grow-up. Unless the root is strong, we cannot have a strong tree which will protect others. So, even at the price of being a not so appreciated/ friendly parent of our child, you have to inculcate it to them by conviction or force. This will be their strength when they enter the world of competition for their survival.

If they are taught the power of respect, responsibility, politeness, care, faith and trust, ignorance then they can survive any difficult situations in life. All these values can be taught through examples of the life they have led with us or through our reactions towards situation or people. Children often tend to copy their parents, remember how we have played house-house in our childhood; we were copying our parents. Though there is also some negative side of our behaviour, to a situation or towards a person, the same can be explained to them with reason. This way they will learn to see two sides of the situation and learn from it.

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Moral lessons can be taught through everyday situations. We are the product of how we behave and conduct ourselves in everyday life. Sometimes we think, that I will shield my child from this situation, this does not belong to him. But remember we are a family and it is the strength of the family to face everything together whether a good life or a bad one. Maybe not today when he is too young to understand but tomorrow when he grows up a little and has started showing interest around him, he will watch and understand the strength and weaknesses of a person and behave accordingly. His behaviour and his habits will develop accordingly.