Inspiring Short Stories With Moral Lessons: The Foolish Weaver

inspiring short stories with moral

Inspiring short stories – Once upon a time, a foolish weaver lived with his wife in the village. One day, he went to the jungle to get wood so that he could repair his loom. He could not believe his eyes when he saw a genie appear in front of him while he was chopping the tree. The genie requested the weaver to not cut his abode and in return offered to give anything that the weaver wanted. The weaver left the forest and went back home to discuss this with his wife. The dimwitted and greedy wife saw it as a golden opportunity. She told the weaver to ask the genie to give him an extra head and two extra hands so he can think more and work more.

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On returning to the jungle, the weaver told him what his wish was. The genie granted the weaver’s wish immediately. The weaver happily walked back to the village, where people thought him to be a monster and sadly, beat him to death.

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Moral of the Story

Lack of proper judgment can ruin a golden opportunity.