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Panchatantra Stories Video: The Hermit and The Mouse

Panchatantra Stories Video

Panchatantra Stories – Once upon a time, there was a hermit who took care of a temple in a small village. He took alms and distributed it with people who helped him take care of the temple. There was a naughty mouse in the temple who kept stealing the hermit’s food. The mouse became a big problem for the hermit. The hermit tried hard to get rid of the mouse but all his attempts were futile. The mouse was on a run, he still continued stealing the food. The mouse made a stockpile of the food he stole and was able to climb up to the earthen pot hung from the roof.

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Desperate and distraught, the hermit asked his friend for a suggestion. The friend told the hermit that he should destroy the mouse’s stockpile. He took his friend’s advice and burnt the stockpile after finding it. The mouse had nothing left to eat. This made forced the mouse to leave the temple. The mouse never returned to the temple.

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Moral of the Story

Your friends are your best guide.

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