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New Panchatantra Stories – The Foolish Brahmin and The Crooks

New Panchatantra Stories

New Panchatantra Stories – Once upon a time, in a small village lived a foolish brahmin. One day, he performed sacred ceremonies for a rich merchant and got a lamb in return. He began his journey back home, carrying the lamb on his shoulders.

The three crooks see him from a distance and decide to trick him to give the lamb to them. Hungry and emaciated, one after the other, the three crooks plan to ask the Brahmin, the same question. Following the plan, the crooks ask the foolish Brahmin that why was he carrying a dog on his back?

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The brahmin got angry at the first two crooks and asked them to mind their business. But when the third crook asked the same question again, the foolish Brahmin thought that he must indeed be carrying a dog if three people have told him so. He threw the lamb off without even bothering to look at it. The Brahmin continued his journey back home and the crooks succeeded in their plan.

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New Panchatantra Stories: Moral of the Story

A lie repeated several times, apparently becomes a truth.