Stories From Panchatantra: Four Friends and A Hunter

stories from panchatantra

Stories From Panchatantra – Once upon a time, there were four good friends- a deer, a turtle, a crow and a rat. They all lived happily in the jungle until one day when the deer was captured in the hunter’s net. The deer’s friends planned to rescue him when they saw him lying motionless on the ground. The turtle distracted the hunter. This made the hunter run after him and leave the deer.

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Meanwhile, the crow sat on the deer’s body and started pecking him (as they do to a dead animal). The rat quickly chew open the net in order to free the deer. The crow picked up the turtle, saving him from the hunter.

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This way, all the friends came to each other’s rescue and became each other’s heroes.

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Moral of the Story

Teamwork can help achieve great results and overcome all obstacles.