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Story For Kids With Moral: The Crow and The Cobra

story for kids with moral

Best Story for Kids with Moral – Once upon a time, one crow couple lived on a big banyan tree in a forest near a kingdom. In the same tree, a cobra had made his burrow. When the nest was unguarded, the ate the crows’ eggs. This happened whenever the crows left the nest in search of food. The crows went to his friend jackal for advice. The crows decided to follow the jackal’s advice and as per the advice, one of the crows went to the royal kingdom and stole the necklace belonging to the princess which was very precious. The guards followed the crow as he flew slowly to the banyan tree.

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The crow then dropped the necklace in the cobra’s burrow. On finding the necklace kept in the cobra’s burrow, the guards quickly killed the cobra and took back the necklace. The crows lived happily thereafter.

Moral of the Story

One should not give up. Even the most powerful enemies can be defeated with the use of wit.

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story for kids with moral