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Best English poems to be read by beginners in literature

Best English poems to be read by beginners in literature

Parents do everything under the sun to foster the love of learning in their kids. From books, comics, fun learning activities and a lot more only to make their kid the coolest; the nerdiest, smartest and agile of all. Well, this is the truth you can’t refute that kids who read and write are the coolest. Anyway, literature can never run out of gems that can add glitter to the learning process of your kids.

Here’s the compilation of the best English poems from the treasure trove of literature that will only make your darling apple pie fall a tad bit more in love with reading, writing and it can’t be any way better than to discover the hidden future world-renowned Wordsworth in your creative writer kiddo.

Lewis Carroll, ‘ Jabberwocky’: The beauty of this poem lies in its inventiveness. This poem appeared in the famous Lewis Carol’s Alice’s adventures in wonderland. This is one of the very famous works in children’s literature and still widely taught in literature studies at high school and university level. It is one of the most famous poems for kids. Your child can add some precious gems in his treasure of vocabulary by laying his/her hands on this precious pearl. It’s a must-have in the library of school kids and adults can read and rejoice it too.

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T. S. Eliot, ‘Macavity, the Mystery Cat’: It’s an absolute delight to read this pure gold poetry from the classic book of nonsense verses he composed about cats for his godchildren. Well, we can’t ever have enough of those furballs, especially all the feline lovers out there. For those who don’t know, Eliot was the master of disguise, like most of those people who can identify themselves a tad bit more with cats (again, I revealed myself a bit). Macavity is one of the best English poems for the kids of 11-12 years old. And yes, all the feline lovers must not miss the beauty of this word wizard at all.
Hilaire Belloc, ‘Matilda’: It’s one of the cautionary rhymes by Belloc. Its beauty lies in its duality. It’s a classic children poem with a very dark subject. Children can read it to understand the complexities of binaries innate to the general human tendency. It is really good for children of all ages. It is the best English poems for recitations. 
Michael Rosen, ‘Chocolate Cake’: She is one of the most relatable poets of modern English literature for children. This poem is enough to leave mouths watery and desire for an enchanting poetry satiated. This poem reflects upon a child’s insatiable lust for chocolate cake and the vividness of a child’s craving. Who knows if there is an amazing cook in your cutest poet/ poetess that just get to discover itself through the mirror of such delectable poems.

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Maya Angelou: Well, this name needs no introduction. She is one of the raging feminist icons of today’s times. Teaching her poems to every kid during one’s formative years is a must. She is empowering and ennobling, so are her writings. Life doesn’t frighten me is a golden poem that intricately enunciates the beauty of fears and insecurities and the subtle art to overcome them. This poem is a journey that leads a child to the path of great self-consciousness and awareness. Apart from that, her fairy tales collection is must have in every young shelf.
These above-listed poems for children are works of pure magic and one must not miss to read and reread them.
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Every kid has a poetry hidden deep inside the bolts of his imagination. Just give them a sky with no bounds and see the imagination unfolding itself unbound. Enlisted here are the best English poems for kids.