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Evergreen rhymes that make every childhood special

Evergreen rhymes that make every childhood special

Jack and Jill went up the hill,
To fetch a pail of water;
Jack fell down, and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after

These aforementioned verses sound pretty much familiar, right?
These beauteous poems made our childhood way more special and worth remembering that now when we take a trip down the memory lane, the nostalgia of chanting these aloud in our primary schooling leave us elated for hours and so.

Recollection of these poems brings back so many amazing memories. These simple verses haven’t lost their charm at all and it still makes our heart swirl in delight whenever we recite them to our younger siblings. Even science has proved that reciting these poems can sharpen a kid’s memory, cognitive skills, and vocal eloquence a great deal. So, why not today’s modern parents can divert the attention of today’s kids from blinking screen to these sheer bolts of bliss. It is not just a fun activity but interactive too that make your kids agile and smarter. Let’s have a look at some of the finest poems from the golden books of our childhood and add a much-needed dash of magic to the world of your wonder munchkins.

 Johny Johny yes papa:- This is one of the loveliest rhymes from our little red riding hood days that each and every word still reek sense of endearing familiarity. We millennials are still not over its charm and it is going to rule the hearts of kids for decades to come with absolutely no chance of it fading away from our memories and childhood. Just bring a cute, glossy book of such jewels for your kids and that’s all. your kid will soon appear chanting it all aloud in the whole house making you even more proud. This is the most quintessential of all, so make sure your kid memorise everything this cutesy rhyme has in store for by heart.

Baba black sheep:- My obsession with this one can’t seem to get over even yet. I can spend my whole day reminiscing this beautiful rhyme and still feel not at all bored. If you feel like disagreeing with me here, you can simply let your kid decide instead and see if he doesn’t gets obsessed with this one within no time. It will always remain the most precious out of all the beautiful gems in the literary world of kids.
One two, buckle my shoe: Okay, so your kid is one of those grumpiest, troublesome monkeys who gives you a hard time in tying his shoelaces with absolutely zero interests in learning the same skill. Put all your woes aside, and make your kid learn this poem instead. This lovely rhyme will make all your homecoming visitors’ hearts melt and your woes too will vanish. How cute does it rhyme!? Doesn’t it?

Little robin redbreast: This is the shortest and easiest of all. For kids up to the age of 5, this is the best rhyme they can learn to recite quickly and effervescently. Make sure to include this one in the list.
These gems all curated and compiled here are the perfect jewels to add much needed sparkle in the creative world of your learning and growing kid. These poems in simplest of words and rhyming pattern can enhance your child’s learning capability manifold.

Happy learning and happy parenting!