The Cave That Talked: The Lion And The Jackal

The Lion And The Jackal

Once upon a time, there lived a hungry lion in the jungle. In search of food, he found a cave one day. He thought to himself that the cave might be home to a few animals. So, he decided to wait until he finds an animal to prey upon. He quickly hid inside the cave. The cave was a home to a jackal. When the jackal came back home, he noticed the footprints of the lion entering the came. The Jackal could not find the footprints that assured the lion’s exit from the cave. He immediately stepped back and thought of a plan to know if the lion was really inside his cave. The jackal went near the cave and started talking to the cave. He asked the cave if it was safe to enter inside.

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The cave did not respond to his question. He continued asking the same question again and again. The jackal told the cave that he wouldn’t enter the cave until he got a reply. The lion heard the jackal speaking. The lion replied like the cave at the fear of losing his prey. The jackal knew at once that the lion is inside the cave and ran far away from the cave.

The Lion And The Jackal: Moral of the Story

One should always use their mind at its best. It can help you find a way out of the most difficult situations.

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