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The Lion and The Camel: Panchatantra Short Stories

The Lion and The Camel: Panchatantra Short Stories

Once upon a time, there lived a lion in the jungle. He lived with his three assistants- – a crow, a jackal and a leopard. Due to their proximity to the king of the jungle, the assistants had several advantages and never had to look for food. They saw a camel come into the jungle one day. They wondered what was the camel doing in the jungle rather than being in the desert. On enquiring with the camel, they learned that the camel had lost his way. The lion gave a shelter to the camel and promised to protect him.

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After a few days passed, there came a day when the lion was injured in a battle. Unable to kill a prey, the lion became weak and so did his assistants. The assistants tried convincing the king of the jungle to kill the camel for food. The lion refused because he did not want to kill an animal under his shelter. The assistants finally managed to convince the lion by hatching a plan. They ensured the camel that they would convince the camel to offer himself as food to its protector. According to the plan, the crow, the jackal and the leopard offered themselves as food to the lion one by one. They said it was their duty to serve their king. The lion did not kill any of his assistants. Seeing this, the camel also offered himself as food to the king and was immediately killed by the lion.

Moral of the Story

Beware of cunning people who usually surround powerful people for their own benefit.

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