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Why your child should know about Easter?

Why your child should know about Easter?

With the coming of the globalization, we welcomed wholeheartedly all the festivals and learnings from the west. There are nearly 7 billion kids across the world who takes part in celebrations of Easter. More than the story, kids enjoy its symbols like Easter bunny, Easter eggs, and games. Though it gives them religious insights on the traditions and beliefs of Christianity.

Eat the chocolate bunny:
Who doesn’t like eating Chocolate and especially when it looks like a bunny with a surprise in it. It is like the best thing on the earth.

Do the egg hunt:
Hiding the eggs in the garden makes so much fun for the kids. They can have their own baskets to find more eggs till they spot all before announcing the winner.

Decorate eggs

Easter eggs are painted in brilliant colors to represent the warmth and sunlight of spring. Plastic/thermacol eggs are easily available in the market and kids can paint them in beautiful bright Pink, red and yellow with glitters on them. They can also stick eyes and make an eggy face.

Read Easter books
Easter is the story of resurrection of Jesus Christ. It tells about how Jesus performed magical things like turning water into wine, calming the heaviest storms and healing sick people. This made people believe in him as a true son of God. But few ones didn’t like him and he was brutally beaten and died on the Cross on Good Friday. But the miracle happened on the third day and as he rose up from the dead and blessed his followers in the name of God.

There are many books in the market for Easter. Though I would recommend following ones like
Pete the cat Big Easter Adventure
Llama Llama easter eggs
The Easter Story by Russell Punter

Lastly, spread love and prayers

Jesus gave the message ‘love thy enemies’ which is really important to understand at a very young age. Easter is the best example to teach how Jesus, who was the son of God, loved his people and taught them to love not hate one another even after being crucified.