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Weight loss secrets for supermoms

Weight loss secrets for supermoms

I am a mother of 1-year-old, super active and naughty baby. My child slept after 42 hours of his landing on earth, jet lag you see. Trust me the sleepless night is tiring and ends up spoiling your next day too. I couldn’t wake up early for my workout, even though I eat healthy, without workout it’s all in vain. With bumpy pregnancy and emergency C-section delivery, it was difficult to recover soon. I knew my child needs me more, my pre-pregnancy body can wait. My body is my trophy, I have loose skin, stretch marks but those are my tiger stripes! I’m proud of it; I’m getting over the extra budges but I’m taking it slow and I advise all the new mommies to do the same. It’s never too late to start your weight loss regime. I took it slow and easy, with no maids or nanny to help, all the work was done by me (I believe every mother is super mom). I’m going to share few secrets for working women and mother like me who can lose weight with the little munchkin around.


Here is how I lost 10 kgs by just putting in simple changes in my lifestyle with super active baby

  •  Walk and talk, I always prefer walking while talking on the phone

  •  Try simple planks

  •  Try to do push up with the baby on the back ( fun for baby, workout for you )

  •  Try crunches with the baby on tummy ( if baby allows )

  •  Drop all baby toys and bend and pick up each toy and put in the toy box ( a form   of squats )

  •  Take baby to park, engage him with toys and take a quick run or walk

  •  Take baby to park and take a walk

  •  Dance with the baby ( I do it 30 minutes everyday )

  •  Do deep breathing/ pranayama ( believe me your baby will do it too as mine   does it, they try to copy you )

  •  Do Surya Namaskar ( start from 5, gradually increase it )

  •  Do spot jogging

  •  Walk 30 min if not in a park than at home

  •  Do not sit immediately after meals

  •  Do not take escalators, take steps

  •  Try walking half-way to your workplace ( for working mothers )

  •  Learn the difference between hunger and boredom eating

  •  Choose wisely, do not give-up your cravings

  •  Eat healthy, fresh and homemade food

  •  No cheat days( except birthdays and anniversary )

  •  Do not over stress, stress can lead to weight gain

  •  No oily junk, opt for healthy, grilled, no oil, no cheese, no butter snacks

  •  Start your day with a nutritious breakfast like oats with yogurt, fruits, nuts and   seeds or a pancake or a plate of poha or upma, for working mothers a bowl of   fruits and oats or Muesli with fruits is a quick pick up

  •  Try to balance out meals

  •  Remember you are what you eat

  •  Let’s be realistic and set realistic goals, do not set a goal of losing 10 kg a month   or 2 sizes smaller in a week, set practical goals, have patience. Remember slow   and steady wins the race; do not get fooled by the success stories of celebrities   and influencers, none of them did it overnight, you will never know the true story   of their weight loss success, so better take motivation and set your own goals.

  •  Create your own Secret Mantra ( or take it from me ). Write it on your wall and   read it everyday –   “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF “

I am here to help you, mommies. STAY CONNECTED, STAY HEALTHY

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She is the owner and founder of SlimPossibleDiets, with 5 years of experience in nutrition and dietetics. Academically, a diploma holder in food and nutrition and a Diploma holder in food and diet planning, from Tulip International, an affiliate of Gold Coast Training Academy (GCTA) Australia, Diploma holder in weight management from BFY , MUMBAI , a Diploma holder in clinical nutrition and Diploma in childcare nutrition from, VLCC MUMBAI. She worked for a lifestyle management and weight loss clinic for 2.5 years and now independent dietitian. HER MANTRA IS “ STAY CONNECTED, STAY HEALTHY “ She does not believe in giving medicines for obesity or any supplements, she thinks that the kitchen ingredients are enough to help for the same. An online diet consultant, and diet planner for therapeutic diets i.e. diabetes, thyroid, cholesterol, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOD/PCOS) etc.